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Thanks for this post. I'm always lokniog for better ways of dealing with color.I should probably wait to comment until the post about how you premix colors for plein air painting but...If you are creating a painting in which you are inventing the color scheme, because you have a specific idea in mind and by imposing a certain color design you can better communicate your idea, I can see this method being a benefit. (i.e. illustration or a studio painting done from plein air studies)But when you are painting from lifeand responding to your subject it seems to me, premixing wouldn't be very accurate. I strive to mix accurate colors on my palette but then when I put it on the canvas, in the proper spot, in the proper shape, I find that it is probably too warm or too cool or too saturated or too gray (and yes too light or too dark). This is because color is relative and its appearance is affected by those colors around it (our perception of a color is influenced by its context). So while I see how this method could speed you up (after all the colors and values are mixed) and break the painter out of the bad habit of habitual mixtures, and keep your colors clean -- on the down side, it could lead to accepting only loose approximations of the colors in your subject. (Because once you've spent all that time mixing, are you really going back to re-adjust all your piles?)And as for saving paint -- what happens if, after mixing out all your colors and values, you get called away? Or you struggle with the drawing in the flesh tones and never get to all those pretty blues? Or your sunny day turns overcast? ( I guess this is where your paper palette comes in handy -- do you roll it up and throw it in the freezer?)When painting from life, color mixing for me is one of constant incremental adjustment.

What a fun blog you have! Love all your local and sustainable sites lsetid on the link list! Near and dear to my locavore heart. Following you now in Google Reader.

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