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poor scheduling!

I went to the planned parenthood in Bremerton Wa, Got the papers to fill out and be ready for the scheduled day. Went there on Monday with the same woman who scheduled me. Come to find out she said Monday when it was Tuesday. My boyfriend is in the navy and couldn't take me on Tuesday! How in the hell do you say Monday and schedule it for Tuesday!? I wouldn't go there or waste your time with people who cant be professional and who can't easy task right!!!!


Ive never been to a more unprofessional office in my life, i wasted two hours and a $40 copay for a doctor to not look at me and tell me im fine in a 2 minute period. i will never be returning.


Somehow I always have a bad experience in the planned parenthood in El Cajon CA, I always make an early appointment and this time I made my appointment at 7:30am I always arrive 10 mins earlier I was supposed to be the first patient and I wasn't some girl just because she was talking to the front desk lady before I got there she let her go in first I thought my name was supposed to be first,and this is not the first time this happens this planned parenthood does not respect the appointments I understand that sometimes is really busy but this time it was just me and that girl and she gets called inside at 7:35 and then i got called in by 8:10, honestly is unfair I've been waiting sitting here in the "office" for about 45 mins and no one has even come and help me out because when I made my appointment they told me it wouldn't take long since I'm here just to get my birth control! I hope that someone does something about it because it always happens and is not just me some other people too have told me about this same situation.

felt put down

I've had 2 encounters with the same woman at my local planned parent Hood located in Philadelphia 1144 locust street. I didn't make an appointment for the first time I went there. I just walked in, and I was told to fill out paper work and wait to be.seen. it was taking a while so luckily there's lots of coffee shops around I decided to grab one real quick. When I came back inside a middle eastern woman ( Indian) was talking to security I smiled as she gave me a dirty look and was annoyed when I had to get by her to go back inside. After talking to front desk staff about it Turns out she's the surgical manager for planned parent hood in the downstairs part of that facility. Worse part of that day was me waiting 3 hours and I was told they couldn't see me. My second encounter with the middle eastern woman was a few months later, I had a procedure done and she was very rude with me the whole time. Her exact words to me were " did you learn your lesson " this is right after the procedure. Not very professional for the surgical manager in my eyes. Overall I had.a very bad experience and this woman made me feel very down about myself. I have never returned this clinic and don't recommend it. Unfortunately I didn't get her name since she only introduced herself as is the surgical manager. I will further investigate her and send a letter to the cooperate office.

I have been a patient at pph for over 14 years and I recently contacted my office in quakertown pa to ask a question. I have been on cryselle (spelling? ) for over 14 years and they switched me to a generic, the pharmacy that it, after a week I started spotting. So I called to ask about it, after explaining to the woman that answer the phone there she said "well what do you want me to do about it?","it's on back order so, what do u want to do? " my response "I guess I'll keep taking out,wow", her final response "OK then" then hangs up on me!. I have never in my life been treated like this I mean I asked a simple question and she was rude and unprofessional, she should not have a job after talking to me like that. The whole conversation was her giving me such an attitude and talking to me like I was trash, I have left a message with corporate hq and hope that they do something about it. I have insurance and I go there not only because I have always liked them but I he that people with insurance help those out that do not have it. I have donated to them for several years and try to do my part to help every woman I can, but if this is not straightened out I don't know what to do, it wouldn't be fair to stop because of one person but I have to tell you it's a good possibility, I just can't believe they would allow their staff to treat people that way, I hope to hear green them Monday and hope this qirl never speaks to anyone like that again.

To continue my previous entry, I will make sure this doesn't happen again I will call every office, write everyone possible, contact anyone I have to to make sure nobody has to feel the way she made me feel. Somebody will listen, this is supposed to be a safe place Where your not judged protested unfairly.

So I was just been informed that pph in stlouis doesn't test for herpes unless requested. I was diagnosed yesterday with this from a different facility but was tested in may at pph and they did not test me because I didn't request it. Knowing that I've only had 1 partner in the last year and a half we know I haven't contracted within this time but I would of liked to know we`ve had herpes this whole time. After doing my research I now know 1 in 4 people have herpes and it is the most common std.wouldn't you think they would test for it when people go and get tested. They drew my blood for hiv/aids and now knowing the only way to test for herpes is by blood unless you are having a outbreak at the time. Bottom line is herpes is the most common std and is life long disease and they don't test for it unless requested? Doesn't make sence to me. Also since they didn't test in may and us not knowing we`ve had this for so long we could of been passing this on to others this whole time. If it wasn't for my recent outbreak then we would of never knew we had it. I think pph need to change their policies so people can be informed about their disease they have and mostly so people don't pass it on because they do not know they have it

Planned Parenthood has always been there for me for birth control and ten years later, confirming I was pregnant, a time of joy for me and my husband. Also had pap smears done there numerous times and the doctors were always professional, always helpful. In my mind, Planned Parenthood is one of the top organizations in the US, filling in the gap in female health care, often been ignored by main stream services and insurance companies.

My appt was for 9 30, I got there @ 9 20. I spent a half hour filling out paperwork. Then, 15 minutes arguing about how my insurance works, in which case they told me to pay or not be seen. After I called my insurance company to verify it being covered, my insurance company asked me to have them call in. Planned parenthood said they wouldn't n don't do that. WOW!!.......sure isn't how any other doctors office works. The" Pay me girl".......had attititude and the manager who said they don't call did nothing but nothing!.........WOW!....ladies go there with ALOT on their minds and this type of unprofessionalism is really sad n fustrating......n imagine when she took my blood pressure...it was high!!!.....

One star is the minimum, there should be an option to not even give them that! The planned parenthood office in Mesquite, TX is terrible! Every single time I have been there, it's always something! I have lived in this area a year and in that year I have had to have 3 annual exams before they would give me birth control. 3!!! First, it was a huge two week ordeal to have my records transferred from Midland, TX to their office. Machines were down here or there, "Oh, we have to update this and we can't even see you at this office, go to this other one across town. Don't know where that is? Oh, you just moved here? Well it's behind the Babies R Us store on [whatever] street." Well now I have been waiting in your lobby for over two hours to be turned over to another location, I don't have all day to look for it so I give it a go another day when I'm off from work. I find that location and big surprise, "We don't have your records, we can't see you until you fill all this out and the other office send us your records." So I come back a different day. Now they have my records, but there is another problem, I have to have my annual exam there, even though my records contained the annual exam I did for the OTHER office. ALL of this was paid for by the medicaid they said I qualified for. Time comes for me to come back for my next birth control and another surprise! Now this medicaid is inactive. Did you get the card in the mail? No..? Well here is an application, theres a number in there somewhere, find it and talk to them about it, and no, we cant see you until that's done, or you can pay $130. I come back twice that month and they can't do anything for me. They won't let me use their fax or phone to talk to the medicaid office. Today I go back, hoping that after two months of not having sex with my boyfriend, I can finally get back on my birth control. Nope. Medicaid still hasnt gone through. I offered to just pay for it myself this time.. Oh okay, but Hmm.. Your annual exam has expired, we need you to do another one. OMFG, are you serious!? Okay-Fine! Let's just do it, I'll pay for that too so I can PLEASE get on my birth control. Sorry, we stopped taking patients 20 minutes ago, there is nothing we can do. Come back another time. I HATE THIS CLINIC!

They are lucky they even have 1 star. The office in Hempstead, NY is the worse office. I went there on a Saturday to buy the plan B pill, they told me they were closed and stop taking patients at 2pm. There website says they close at 3, there recording says they close at 3, and the sign on the door says they closed at 3. The low life receptionist who was there had a nerve to say oh well to me and told me to go to a regular pharmacy where they charged u double the price. I asked if there was any other planned parenthoods open she gave me a look like why r u asking me. She was like I don't know and then turned her back to me. the problem is that they have these young girls running the office and majority is Spanish. I am not racist because I have many Spanish friends but they treated me nasty because I was Black. But I'm bringing this to the news media.

Not only does the customer service sucks I've had them call a ex friends number and leave my personal info on their voice mail. They are over priced and just not worth dealing with their bs now that's only if u make it past the hour hold

The receptionist staff at the Planned Parenthood in Hempstead, NY is very rude and unprofessional. They have attitudes, roll their eyes, and even huff and puff over the phone when you ask them questions. They tell you to call if you have any questions or concerns but when you call you're on hold forever and when they answer they are not helpful at all. Then they tell you they will call you back in an hour. If you're calling to find out if you might have an emergency they should be able to give you some kind of answer. The service is just very poor.

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