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i want to keep my name out of it cuz i still work at this pizza hut that i am complaining about...I work at the pizza hut on 67th and indian school and there is all kinds of uncomfortable issues going on there and management is involved so im coming to you in hopes you take care of the situation....There is a delivery driver by the name of salvador and ever since he started working there it has been one thing after another.First he has been in several accidents and never punish or given a drug test as to when it happens to other delivery drivers they do get tested..he has had several customer complaints about rudeness and looking high(management does nothing). One of the managers named monica is having a affair with him and he is married so it has been causing a lot of drama scenes at work between monica and salvadors wife...This should not be allowed and it makes it hard to concentrate on work please help me the pizza hut is turning very bad to work at

Since my wife and I have been in the state of Wyoming, we experienced nothing but genuine hospitality and respect from all. But when we placed an order for pizza with Pizza hut, we soon realized that we were in the bronx. With an advertisement that stated $10.00 for any specialty pizza, the cost of two came to 34.58. aside from that nonsense, the order arrived wrong.When we spoke with the manager about our concerns she promptly hung up on my wifewith haste. Thanks to the disrespect we recieved, never again will WE spend hard earned money on such a PISS POOR!!!!! fraanchise. And by the way the managersname is JESSICA.Thats as nice a I can state it.

The Pizza Hut located on 9200 New Hampshire Ave. in Silver Spring Maryland is is a disaster of a resturant. The employees eat out of the customers orders while theire cooking. The manager Dave is rude and nasty because his employees messed up an order for the lack of not being fluent in English. So I ordered from another company all together not that the franchise owners of this Pizza Hut cares about losing money. When this particular store folds or loses a considerable amount of revenue the owner or owners are probably going to be dumb founded as to why. It inevitable with this kind of service where your managers talk to customers as if they are children. Assuming that they are "catching an attitude" When they are not. He just did not want to admit to any wrong doing on the employees side and he did not want to make another order. The catching an attitude remark came out of the clear blue. This is a horrible pizza hut with horrible customer service. I will never order hear again. This store should be shut down. I will never order a pizza from any pizza hut ever and I will advise and influence other to do the same.

I will never buy from Pizza Hut due to your advertising thru unending spam that shows up 3-4 times per day Bob Sandstrom bobsandstrom@yahoo.com

I'm done trying to write a "review" about my last terrible experience because I've never seen a more patronizing, "help the employees' feel good about themselves", online survey. If a real person would like to speak to me about how my relationship with p.hut will re-develop, I would be more than happy to speak with someone. (as of now I believe you could care less about my fifty or sixty $ each month). I'm not complaining to try to receive a big sorry gift(actually I don't need anything because I ate the wings and part of the pizza and I didn't call the store because I don't talk to individual franchisees since they are--pardon the generalization--mentally inept when it comes to understanding how to use what common sense they were created with. You can also reach me at 503-939-1426. Thanks in advance for your time on this matter. Sincerely, Keith J. Craig PS- the delivery driver was very courteous and professional all except he didn't make sure the pizza left with all the toppings on it.

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