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Great post with lots of ipmrotnat stuff.

Last year at the National Health Sciences Students' Assocation (NaHSSA) conference in Hamilton, both Dr. Patty Solomon and Dr. John Gilbert spoke of turf wars being one of the bigesgt barriers in the implementation of IPE in clinical practice.I think part of what professionals in each field have to recognize is that each field, including their own, is constantly changing. Where one profession's responsibilities may start merging with another's, we'll find that the latter profession will find new responsibilities in the long run to take on. Historically this seems to have been a prominent pattern. OTs and PTs being an excellent example, where only recently have we truly defined the many similarities and differences between the two, hence the many merging responsibilities. More familiar with my own profession, there's a drive to train nurses to take on some of the responsibilities of a MRT in a cardiovascular (cath) lab. There's also a drive to train more MRT's in nursing responsibilities like managing IV's and associated drugs or authorization to use/assist in usage of crash carts.Secondly and arguably more importantly, part of these changes will ultimately make health care more efficient and effective. It's the main goal behind interprofessional practice which I'm sure I don't need to repeat.Both these points rely on one crucial factor: competency. As long as the competency profiles covering these merging responsibilities are consistent and do not jeopardize the quality of care, then at the least the second point will hold true. As for the first point, part of it relies on the initiative of the professional to find areas where patient care can be improved by their profession and strive for it unfortunately a drive which seems to die out in some older professionals.Best,Ralph

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