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Oooh. There must be at least a few;Magnus Obsidian: They paid up front? he'll have a better one we sholud check. Lord Malignance: And of course by good One means Evil (not much rhymes with Evil ). Crouch! (not many rhymes there either). Victory for Villainy (what?! Nothing rhymes). Bah! , Malignobot , Malvado: has some Simian Connection Gorilla Grodd (all his stuff rhymes). Malvado/Desperado, his love and knowledge of music, Overlord: Has done some work in video, and she, like everyone else it seems, surpasses my efforts. Minion Stew (stew rhymes with a lot). Henchmen , Free Evil , becoming/transforming/improvingBeryllium: Something with Caturday. Maybe a far out cat sound? Time machine There is a soundtrack w/just beautiful themes. Time/Epoch/Millenium/Second/hour/Moment/lifetime/heartbeat/hourglass/watch/clock/history/herstory/future/past/present/etc. White Skull: Do we really believe he won't be back at sometime in the future? Something with the Damocles and Deathrays/Lasers/Zombie gas. Computer King: You, my friend, are a catchphrase machine. Into the Dark , I know everything I'm the Computer King but if you can throw in that tablet Samsung Galaxy Agent Wraith: Mexico guitars (Los Sauces), Ghostly, Spirits, the Harrowing, Machete, Minions, Potentate: (Rhymes with Poh-ten-tate ), ROACH, Volcano, Smoke, Neck, Poop Knife: Cosmopolitan, Top Hat, Style, Our missing but successful comrades;Crimson Nematode: Crimmy , Phatal Phylo & Aluminum Chef: Cooking (check w/Beryllium)For and extra challenge just as an in joke , as a silent tribute, and just to challenge yourself;Grandmaster Calamity: Moonface, Unknown, Mysterious, etc. Beyond this origin group, there are other villains we know, and villains you may know. We all enjoyed the Villainous Verse so very much. It is Still the top song on my Villain playlist, so One cycles to it about once a week. Literally, after all this time, One listens to and enjoys your work at least once a week. Whatever you do, however you do it, it will always be celebrated. -Lord Malignance

Action requires knwolgede, and now I can act!

My sons got a pair of phatfarm shoes he wore them 3 times he went to put them back on today and the tongue came out of the shoe...I like phatfarm but I am very disappointed with the quality of the shoes.

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