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I just received my first free prescription (saving me $187). My application was mailed, approved and prescription waiting at my doctor's office for pickup within 7-10 days. Saint Louis is doing a great job. My deepest gratitude.

what does this mean?

This am I spent over 45 minutes talking to three people regarding Aromacin which I have not started to take as yet. Every employee put me on hold including the last, a pharmacist who put me on hold for two times for over two minutes. Basically, I encountered the same characteristics as other pharmaceutical companies to which I've spoken; lack of company knowledge lack of product knowledge inability to understand why you are calling pass the buck when frustrated overall lack of business training Do something. Sincerly, Barbara Cioffi Director Human Resource Rehab Medicine

spinoff-IPO Zoetis

called your home office regarding new spinoff-IPO for Zoetis, I was put through to share holders services and there is only one person and they are out of the office. Do you only have one person representing the largest pharma company in your share holders services

Dear Sir: I receive a monthly retirement check. I have tried to contact someone to change my deductions and have not be able to do so. The number on the check is of no help. I called a number and the opertaor gave me the same useless number 1-866-476-8723. I really need help to ontact the HR department. If you could help I would appreciate it. I can be contacted at 716-827-0371 or email prince14210@ao.com Thank You Michael Baldi 65 Hammerschmidt Avenue Buffalo, New York 14210

I love reading these atrlices because they're short but informative.

Of course crnrooatiops are people sociopathic people. The Citizen United ruling is the ultimate sellout of the American citizen or at least the American citizen that has any political and economic self-respect remaining. It may also be an end to any semblance of respectability the American public can muster for the US Supreme Court. Corporate personhood is simply another way to perpetuate the growing American plutocracy. The Los Angeles City Council could make a very positive democratic statement by saying NO to the bogus right wing corporatacracy power ploy known as the corporate personhood scam. Ralph BoschertArrowhead Asset ManagementWimberley, TX 78676

Ms Amu Shulman: Say it isn't so. Recently contacted by a climate change concerned citizen organization, they informed me that Pfizer has ties to the Heartland Institute, a rad-right, anti climate change think tank. This has to be a mistake; if not, why so?

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