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Please allow us to introduce ourselves; we are Cuong and Maddie Nguyen. We have been searching for our first house for a couple of months with most of the existed builders in Houston, Texas; and we are very pleased with Perry Homes’ quality and design. Thus, we decide to choose Perry Homes to be our first house. We signed the contract on March 27, 2012 and the expected closing day is April 27, 2012. Unfortunately, our bank, Chase is not able to close on April 27, 2012 and needs an extension to May 11, 2012. Perry Homes’ Ambassadors in Shadow Creek Ranch, Pearland, TX refused to cooperate and force us to lose our $2,000 deposit in exchange for the extension on the closing day. Perry Homes’ Ambassadors in Shadow Creek Ranch not only disappoint us but also bring down the quality and commitment of the company toward customers. First of all, by law, builders have to reimburse customers deposit if customers are not approved by the lenders for the loan. Assuming that we are not able to close the house on April 27, 2012; in another term, we are not qualified for the loan at that moment. As we all know that the builder has to reimburse the deposit to us. Second of all, not selling the house to us means that Perry Homes has to wait for another customer to buy that house; and it will take the new customer another month to close the house. Thus, the total process will last more than a month. Instead of waiting for us for two weeks, Perry Homes Ambassadors choose to wait for more than a month to put the company on more expenses. I really do not know if Perry Homes Shadow Creek Ranch Ambassadors” analytical skills are low, or Perry Homes Shadow Creek Ranch Ambassadors are trying to trick to rip us off. To your perspectives, which one should be the right answer? Lastly, Perry Homes Shadow Creek Ranch Ambassadors told me that they sold the house to me so cheap and I should pay for the extension in order to keep the house. The price is an agreement between the two parties; and no one is forced to sign the contract. I am glad that I know how Perry Homes Ambassadors serve their customers for the company’s profit before we actually buy their house. Due to this fraud, I will never ever buy a Perry Homes’ house. We will eventually get our deposit back; and we would like to share this issue with you for opinions. Sincerely, Cuong, Maddie Nguyen 281-818-6472 dang7878@yahoo.com

This coming April 2012 we will have been living @ our residence for 2 years To this day we are still continuing to have problems with our kitchen cabinet -- poor workmanship. On December 2011 - placed a call to Perry to our local contractor to inform them of several items that need to be repaired prior to our warranty expiring and also made note of our kitchen cabinet. It was disappointing that no one responded to our call and after several attempts another phone called was placed by my husband in the month of February and we did meet with the local contractor and went over all of the items listed that needed to be repaired, as well as the cabinet. The solution they wanted to do was the same as they had done a year ago. I informed the contractor that was not going to work since we were continuing to have the same problem which they tried to correct last year and a year later we are still back to square one. He informed us that he would speak to his manager and would get back to us. It's been over week and we have yet to hear back from the contractor or his manager regarding our situation. This has gone long enough and I feel that we are being ignored. Your immediate attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Terry & Sylvia West 12519 Bunker Cove Cypress, Texas 77433 (281) 799-6455 (713) 304-3060

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