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customer service

Poor service from our local distributor - out of date products on our shelves with little help from our salesperson -

I feel the same way about pepsi one. You've lost a lot of customers. I'm stuck with drinking shasta cola made with splenda. You forget there are a lot of customer who have to watch their sugar intake.

Diet Pepsi

I love Diet Pepsi but can't swallow Cherry Diet Pepsi. I wish the labels were varied more so I did not keep accidentally grabbing the wrong one off the shelf. A little thing, but I think it would be nice. Thanks.

Strange Cough Syrup Taste

Me and my husband love love love Pepsi.... but this month we always buy the 12 packs of Pepsi. My husband was complaining that it was tasting like cough syrup. I opened one today and sure enough... it tastes and smells funny. Please let me know what ya'll have found out about this. What made the strange taste and smell.

New can design

I am very disappointed in Pepsi leaving out the words "UNDER GOD" in the pledge of allegiance on the new cans. Myself and the soccer teams I work with are ceasing purchasing your product. I am spreading the word not to purchase your products until you add the two words "UNDER GOD".

Pepsi One

I am sooo past mad...went to the store today to get my 10 cases and the Pepsi guy happened to be there and I ask if he had 10 and proceded to tell me NO MORE PEPSI ONE. WTH I have been drinking them since day one (and a lot of them ).......if this is true you have lost some big sales cause no more Pepsi products for me.


II am a Pepsi generation person but, I hear that the carmel coloring in foods is killing people slowly. Is there a way to make clear Pepsi that is less or not harmful at all to the public?

Truck driver

Pepsi distribution centers r a joke they r rood to drivers and deserve nothing but bad reviews. I sat around form 11 am (my apt time) till 3:30 then was told I get no detention pay couse the yard truck drivers who were not around to check me in lied and said I was lay and arrived at 11:30. I hope u guys lose everything one day and rot.


Drink Pepsi everyday, was very unhappy when seeing coupons in my Sunday paper, which referred me to Coupons. Com, Can't print and the web sites want your private information. I would still like to buy my Pepsi and experience savings. We like it so much better than coke. Robert Freville, 309 Quaker Road, Wrens, GA 30833

Good job mkaing it appear easy.

Just the type of isinght we need to fire up the debate.

I didn't watch the Super Bowl but just saw your DISGUSTING ad where the dog kills the family cat and bribes the male owner into silence.Are you all on drugs?? What makes you think this is funny.One family pet killing another is NOT FUNNY!!!!! Fire the agency, force them to donate all proceeds to helping animals that have suffered from cruelty. Fire the IDIOT that gave the OK for this ad. I will NEVER buy your products again until I see an apology for this ad and a pledge to never repeat this kind of ad again. I have posted this on my facebook page (I have almost 1150 friends) and they have more.You seriously offended pet owners , what family wants to own a cat killing dog. YOU ARE A PACK OF MORONS!!!!!

As a devout Pepsi drinker my entire life, I am disgusted by your decision to delete the phrase " ONE NATION UNDER GOD " from the pledge of allegiance that is going to be put on your new cans. Your reasoning for this was that you assume that it was going to offend someone. You have got to be kidding. Why not re-phrase the cans to say " ONE NATION UNDER PEPSI-COLA " Whoever the decision maker was to do this is probably an irresponsible person that does not care about the corporate bottom line. As with thousands of others who have the same veiws as myself, i will no longer consume any of your products. I will have no problem switching to Coca- Cola. Please do the right thing, and leave the Pledge intact.

I will never purchase another Pepsi drink until you add "UNDER GOD" back onto our Nation's Pledge. Nor will I purchase Pepsi drinks when eating out. I will order water or iced tea. You didn't want to offend people!!! WELL YOU HAVE OFFENDED ME AND EVERYONE I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!! How Un-American.

we have been trying to get a salesman to come see us at our store for almost 2 yrs now we have contacted the local pepsi dist. many times and still no response i understand that we are a small store but we are growing and want to repersent your products in a new fountian your attention would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance Deloris Grabs Owner 325-945-3006

I work at a store that has an order every other week and the driver, let me rephrase, the person yall hired to represent your company does not respect normal social boundaries. He will sing songs about sex to my coworkers and customers and makes everyone uncomfortable. The little guys are the faces of your company, not sure if you know that, and this guy makes yall look like you condone this type of behavior, which is not good for Pepsi co. Maybe yall should do psych evals before hiring and a thorough background check.

Pictures are circulating of Pepsi cans being brought back out of Iraq by soldiers that depict two sets of tall towers with a plane flying overhead. Please dispute any rumors that Iraq manufacturing plants were allowed to put this picture on their Pepsi cans. Even if it was not intentional, cans with these pictures should never be distributed in a country that was involved in 9/11. It appears to be a victory can. Shame on Pepsi for not having more control or more common sense than this.

I want you to know your discusting dishonarable sceen you put on your products can and marketed in Iraq makes me sick.... Your an American company and put that crap on your can to make money off what happend with 9/11. I want you to know it is all over face book one of our Soliders found one of the cans and is bringing it back also there is a pic of it and by 2mrw it will be on you tube and any where else it can be shown. What a slap in the face you have done to your own country. Get ready for a lawsuit when victoms of 9/11 see it I pray they bring this company to it's knees. It sucks because pepsi is about all my family DID DRINK.... I am ashamed of yall and who ever apporved that needs there face punched in....

I am appealing to Pepsi as a corporate sponsor of Penn State to withdraw further sponsorship in lieu of the recent cover up of child abuse by Jerry Sandusky ..Joe Paterno and the administration for allowing children to be abused and refusing to acknowledge and report the incidents to the police for investigation. Please refuse to support an institution who fails to prtect innocent children from powerful school administrators.

recently attempted to attend an event (july2) at magic valley speedway in twin falls idaho. could not go in because my water was not a pepsi product. have disease that has taken me three years to develope a tolerance to a specific water. am a diet pepsi person, however do not think that it is fair to exclude participation in an event because of a brand name (because of my water). this is to me a form of discrimimation. perhaps this was just on the local level, however your corporation should not condone this type of policy. if you promote this policy, you may want to think again about people with water issues. also, it was over 90 degrees here that night and i don't want to sit in those temps without water.

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