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bad manger

you have a manager Larry Sparling in Jacksonville Florida. This guy has been arrest for Battery caused bodily harm. This is the 2nd time for this guy. I believe this is setting a bad image for the company. we don't understand why he still has a job. he is a bad apple with a bad problem and he must go.

Help Please

On January 27th this year our car was stopped in traffic behind a Penske truck...the truck backed up unexpectedly, hitting our car. My son, who was driving the car, got out, the driver of the truck also got out, my son began calling 911 so a police report could be filed. The Penske driver ran back to his truck and drove away, leaving us with a severely damaged car. We didn't get the tag of the truck, we have an eyewitness and have filed a claim with Penske, but have not gotten a positive response. We only had minimal insurance and only want to get our car repaired...we have been renting a car for seven months now...can someone at Penske please help?

Voice MAIL


Wow reading all this stuff makes me wonder . I have had no less than 5 rental trucks in the last three years, and all the experiences were great. Trucks ready, clean , and performed. The rentals were both local and one way long distances . I will not rent elsewhere.

Rental Info

Called up to get an idea of cost for a rental truck can not believe business is done this way. It was explained to me that if I did not make a reservation on this intial call it would cost me $210.00 more on the next call automatically. What poor business practice or greed I might say. I made a reservation and dumped it the next day ! I can not support a company that does this !!!!!!!!!


Fantastic service from Penske Truck Rental and the folks at C & G Auto in Myrtle Beach, SC. Made 3 different moves using them and it was flawless every time. Staff, trucks and pricing were all exceptional.

I took a car back to Sytners Nottingham with marks on side of car after I had buffed it up 3years later they took me to court that cost me $70,000 Dollars seems that not satisfied with taking my house they went for my parents house but lost the case on this one. Nice one Roger

DO NOT EVER rent from this company ever. The most horrible experience ever.The truck was never inspected and broke down twice had to wait for sos emergency road assistance because the breaks and alternator went. waited 9 hours for someone to show up did a truck swap all our belongings were damaged and the new tuck they gave us in swap that we waited for was never transferred from the previous person that drove it after NEVER getting any results or compenation i have now hired a lawyer and will make sure that the word gets out to as high as the federal safety board that this business needs to be closed down. good luck if u rent a truck from penske ur putting ur life and others in harms way.also the rating POOR does not even compare to arating this company is a disgrace and they also lie about everything thank god i recorded every single problem and roadside mechanic and also have pictures of cables that were never connected and a alternator did not have the correct belt on it.

Wow, you scared me with this arltice, I remember a dog that was drug behind a truck in another state a couple years ago, it was a horrible story but a great ending, people rescued the dog and sent donations to the vet clinic where it ended up. I dont think this guy is funny, there are a lot of dog lovers that would have worried!

HI Radek,it is not allowed to unacpk any crate or parcel on the permiss ot the freight forwarder, so we needed a truck to cary the crate 100m outside of their facility. They can not allow you to unacpk anything on their ground for safety reasons . UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES YOU UNPACK YOUR BOX HERE! GET A F . TRUCK AND LEAVE! cb4est la vie .later more



This one is way up the weird Sh&@ometer scale. For some reason, apparently one of their Temecula, California center employees thinks it is funny to place prank calls repeatedly to my wife's cell phone. Numerous calls have been received over the past few weeks, and we have the call records to prove it. The number they call from is their Temecula offices. I believe that I will take a trip to their facility real soon to figure out who the douchebag is and put my foot where the sun does not shine on the twit. If this is the caliber of people they have using phones in their offices, it certainly does not say much for their company. BTW the number they use is 951-676-8768.

Penski truck leasing do not premote women. 20 years plus and because they don't act like a man

Penske hates premoting women in Seattle. A women joined Penske over 20the years ago. Her first supervisor told her the seconw she walked in the door he did not want to work with a women. Then she was t old that to get premoted she would need to get a CDL. When she passed with the test both written and driving the guys ask her what she had do for tbe testers to pass as far a sex goes. Then later on she was told the premoted she would need to move for the company. B

Very frustrating experience. The truck was not at the pick up location at the time we had reserved it. We had to go back and forth (35 minutes each way) 3 times, before the truck was available. It was supposed to be there at 9 AM and we were not in it until 3 PM. Very difficult company to work with. The customer service was non-existent. On top of that horrible experience, I was over charged $50, and have had to jump through hoops to get it refunded. Still haven't seen it, but it is supposedly (for the second time) "processed". I would NEVER use Penske again.

I operate out of the 501 North Freeway ,Fort Worth location. In the morning I & other drivers who start the day before 8:00am would like to wash the glass&mirrors on our trucks. But thats not possible because penske turns the water off. There is a bucket of soapy water and a brush but nothing to rinse with. I think the Safe Operation of my truck should outway the possessive nature of your fuel island attendants. What do you think?

I just finished booking a truck with Rich Palma at the Smithtown NY office and what a PLEASURE! He answered ALL of my questions and believe me I had plenty and Mr. Palma had the patience of a saint. I will definitely recommend Smithtown NY office for all of my truck needs in the future.

By far, this is the worst truck company I come across in 20 years ago of renting trucks. I do home delivery of items such as couches, sofas and sometimes fridges and washing machines. I rent a truch about once or twice a week. I have rented from companies such as Uhaul, Enterprise, Budget and many others. I learned from a coworker about a storage place on Georgesville rd, Columbus, OH, that has one or two "Penske" trucks. He never rented from them, but I decided to give them a try. I took the only truck they have and it happened to be a 16 foot with a full coverage insurance. As I moved about 1-2 miles out of their facility onto I-270, a driver on the highway signaled me to stop. I stopped to find a heavy mud flap had broke off my truck and almost blinded that driver behind me. Nothing bad happened to the other driver, but I apologized, risked walking on the highway to collect that damn falp and placed in the truck. When I came to return the truck, I told the lady what had happened, and turned nuts, her manager wanted me to pay for it even though I bought the full coverage insurance when I rented the truck. Although, ultimately I did not have to pay for the repairs, these guys had a very bad attitude and they lack the proper training. Later on I called Penske to file a complaint with the company, just to learn that the stupid Pensky, transfers me to talk to the same storage people. It was a waste of time. If you want to be treated with respect, please don't rent from these guys. I would certainly stay away from Penske and the storage place called (secur it personal storage) on 435 Georgesville rd, Columbus, OH.

This company is HORRIBLE!!!!!!! First of all, they gave me a truck that they did not do a safety inspection on. It had to be replaced after I started to load it. It took five hours in which to switch it out. I had to pay a moving company five hours of sitting doing nothing (500.00). Then after all that, I was told that they would refund my money. That it would be a overnighted to me, which was a lie. Still don't have it weeks later. So I called the corporate office find out who was in charge of the district manager that assured me that I would give me a refund. The receptionist answered the phone and I asked the number I needed to call, she gave me the 800 Go Penske number. I told her that I had called that number so many times and noone could help me. She said could you take down the number because I have other calls to answer. I told her that was very rude, she said oh well. I cannot not imagine that a company would do business like this. NEVER AGAIN, and I will make sure that everyone who will listen will never use this company again.

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