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For a while now Penn State fans have know that the Nittany Lions area0scheduled to play in the 2011 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Tipoff, in Spingfield Mass. What they haven't known is whom they will be playing.a0a0This sunpesse was laid to rest on the eve of March Madness howevera0whena0The Nasimith Memorial announced a0the completea0eight team field and schedule for a tournament that will take place the weekend of November 19-20th. Teams scheduled to compete in the 2011 Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off are:a0 Long Island University (Northeast), Marist College (MAAC), Old Dominion University (CAA), Penn State University (Big Ten), Radford University (Big South), University of Kentucky (SEC), University of South Florida (Big East) and the University of Vermont (America East).a0

This whole topic makes me sick and pissed off. i have read the imeictndnt and I am not going to defend JoPa or any of the administration at Penn State that heard what was happening with Sandusky and the boy in the shower. With that being said I believe that everyone's anger is directed at the wrong person. We should be extremely disappointed with the way the situation was handled by the administration at Penn State but the real focus should be on the grad student. He is the one that after being an eye witness to a rape did nothing to stop it but run home to tell his father. Upon disusing the scene with him he decided to wait a full day to report the incident not to the police but to JoPa. Who in turn relayed what he had been told to his supervisors. At this point everything is one mans word against another. This is where the administration is at fault for not reporting something of this nature to the police. However, as a male in my 20s I do not understand how someone who is a former football player and physically fit did not beat the piss out of a man they see raping a young boy. Instead of running away and hiding for 10 years this grad student should have taken immediate action by putting on his big boy pants and calling the police himself. This man (at this point in time) is still on the coaching staff at Penn State. Now people are calling for a self imposed death penalty at Penn State because football is too important to the school. Lets get one thing straight here. Football should be about the guys playing the sport. None of which have done anything wrong. Why punish them? With the incident that has taken place Penn State will see enough damage to their school and legacy. It has been a sad week for college football

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