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I recently read in the newspaper your plan to make a movie from Lee Child (a Reacher Novel) using Tom Cruise as Reacher. NO WAY! How can you even consider it? He is completely void of male magnetism, that special something that conveys " I'm private, strong, confident and not intimidated so don't mess with me". Tom Cruise does not have any of these attributes. He is good looking but without male magnetism also he lacks the physique for being Reacher. Please look further in your cabinet. Look for a man's man as well as a women's, I'm sure you have an actor that will fit the bill! I love Lee Child Reacher Novels. Don't carelessly spoil it. Barbara

Gentlemen: It is a very happy day when I see you on tv. We can congradulate each other for founding this company and sitting there patiently waiting for love to show up with a screen we could recon with. But as builder of this company and founder please be advised I would like one more picture made. It is of my homes I sent to you to keep as auditions for plays and movies. I ask that you send these companies back to me. For I can no longer worship the movie industry allowing them to use my homes as convenient studios. Always Queen of Egypt

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