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Service beyond the cafe

Don't try to contact these people at the corporate office because they will only talk to you via email. Customer service is going out the window and they are losing touch with the customers

Dangerous employee

Dangerous employees got his kicks spraying Windex on the counter window with open food below. When I took video of what he did - answered go ahead and make a complaint. He was Hispanic, about age 21, and got confrontational with me.

Terrible Cookies

I just purchased a dozen of mixed Stale cookies...I eat at Paradise Bakery in Plano at least 2 times a week, the food is great. The Stale cookies came from the Paradise Bakery in Allen. They may share the same franchise name but they are on 2 different levels when it comes to quality of their food.


I just saw a hispanic clean up gal grab a bag of chips, open them and start eating. Then my husband started to walk in the Men's room, after wiping something down, then go to the front grab an arm load of plastic glasses , and wipe the counter with a rag she had in her hand since she walked out of the men's room. Where was her gloves? Where were the clean rags, disinfect spray, etc. Maybe not all clean up gals are filthy, but she is. We were too grossed out we just spent $19.00 and walked out. One thing about it all she kept watching us the whole 10 minutes we were there.

Employee treatment

I work at paradise bakery, just recently, I got sick, I won't go into details, but when I called in and reported that I Couldn't work a 4 hour running shift, they told me that I had to find a replacement or still show up. Just two weeks before a sandwich maker called out sick and the managers worked to find her a replacement and didn't ask questions. Of course when I didn't go into work, since no one would cover for me, the managers were angry that I didn't drive twenty minutes from my home to work while I was ill. I don't know about anyone else, but who would really prefer to have their food handled and served by someone who has been vomiting every 30 minutes. At this point I have put my two weeks in, as i refuse to create an unhealthy work environment all because management can't stand to be short one inconsequential position on a slow night. Just as a reference, be mindful of when you enter a paradise bakery, as the person making your sandwich or salad might be sick.

67th and 101

While in WI I go to Panera Bread every day. While in AZ I go to Paradise Bakery Cafe on 67 and 101 every day. I go out of my way to go to this location because of all of the people that work there. Sherry is a fantastic employee and I always see how she goes out of her way to take care of the customer. I have been to three of the other locations here in the area but none compare to this location. I want you to know how wonderful this location is and how much I enjoy coming to see the same emplyees here. Please let them all know how much my husband and I enjoy coming here. And please let Shelly know how much she means to us. By the way I was right down the road from the Surprise location but went out of my way to go to the 67 ave location. Thank you Mary Haldemann

Food poison

I spent all day lecturing and training for my business here in Salt Lake City. Last night at 6pm I went across the street to the bakery corner. I ordered the chicken pesto. This being the only thing I had eaten all day. At 2am this morning I have been non stop in the bathroom with diarrhea. I called the store and told the manager my experience about last night. He told me he would check the temperatures and thanks for calling. For 12 bucks I don't think anybody should walk away like that after a meal. Maybe had it been 2 or 3 dollars and from McDonald's. I was very disappointed. I don't feel like I will be going back to these guys ever again.

I am very pissed off with you're service. Every god damn week you ate changing your menu. It pisses me off. I don't Get why you can't just keep one god damn sandwich. You always have to mix and match. I will not being going there anymore. Congratulations, you just lost a customer.

Hahaha I was kidding on my last rating. Paradise is the best!!!!!

On Aug. 4 at 9:17 a.m. I entered Paradise Bakery at Arrowhead Crossing at 763 W. Bell Road. I have since visited this bakery several times, and always come away with the same impression…the manager does not have the store running smoothly. However, on the morning I am complaining about there was no reason for the bad service because they were not that busy. I ordered a blueberry bagel well done with extra butter and coffee. Was handed a cup for a soft drink from the clerk, and asked what it was for, told for my soda, said I ordered coffee, standing next to her was the manager who offered up “we don’t like our customers to be thirsty.” After 10 minutes I asked where was my bagel, and the same girl said to me “did you order a bagel?” I said yes a blueberry bagel with extra butter well done. Another 10 minutes go by no bagel, so I got up went back to the counter and asked again, and this time the manager said he would take care of it. Waited another 7 minutes…no bagel. Go back to counter and manager says oh I forgot you had a regular bagel to go right…. I said I had a blueberry bagel extra done with extra butter. Then I walked over to get more coffee and the creamer was empty so I took it over to counter for them to fill up. I go sit down and the manager walks by saying I will get that bagel right now for you, you wanted it to go right? I said at this point yes because I have to leave. I don’t know if they did this on purpose to have fun at my expense, they were not fully alert, or on drugs…but I never have had this happen to me before at any bagel shop.

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