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Worse bank ever PNC has the worst customer service out of any bank I ever had

Wow! I’m so sorry for the majority that all these posts have had negative experiences dealing with PNC Bank. I have had nothing but positive experiences. I was with RBC bank until it was bough out by PNC and at 1st I did think about leaving but the branch that I deal with on a regular bases is tops in my book. Again, I have had nothing but great experiences with PNC bank. Flynn Crossing branch location in Alpharetta, Taylor and Cam, you are so great and I appreciate everything that you do.

The assistance manager, Raeanne, of the Otsego/Plainwell branch is completely rude! She talked down to us the entire time. When she walked in she was full of attitude and entitlement. She is the sole reason we left PNC and will never be back. I have since seen her outside of the PNC setting and could not believe PNC allows someone who is as vulger and disgusting as her representing their company. Complete trash.

This is absolutely the worst bank i ever bank with I open up a business account and a Jennifer King did not know the products and lied and said that you can get unlimited wires for 10 a month I thought that was to good to be true and it was, because of my complaints about other matter she also blocked my debit card for one day for no reason.

To make a long story short. My boyfriend's family invested money with PNC. We keep getting the run around from them about the deposit clearing the bank. We have been battling this now for more than 6 months and still no money in the account. They keep giving us excuse after excuse as to why the money is not there. They act like it is their money, no PNC it is ours. We trusted you to deposit the money into our accounts, and all you have done is hold onto it to collect the intrest. We have since changed banks, but PNC has still refused to release the money to the new bank. Our lawyer has since gotten involved and now no one in corporate will take his calls nor will they return them. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS BANK TO ANYONE. STAY FAR AWAY FROM DEALING WITH PNC ON ANY LEVEL.

I’m writing to wonder if you can help me and give me more information to deal with the problem i have. My parent left me about 93,000 Canadian dollars for MS study and marriage. So I came to Pittsburgh and doing a MS degree at CMU, and I deposited this 93,000 Canadian check into PNC Bank on 2012-08-13. But I only received about 90,000 US dollars in my account, and I found the average mid-market currency rate of CAN/US in August 2012 is 1.01. I suppose to get >$5000 more. After I told PNC customer service about my story, they told me that the currency rate is based on the buy rate and they couldn't do anything about it. But I went to the branch three times to ask about the currency rate before I deposited my money, four different financial adviser told me that the currency rate will be based on what other banks give (which in my understanding will be the mid-market rate), and nobody told me the currency rate will be based on the buy rate. My boyfriend is having the same issue like me. Please help us if you know how to deal with this situation judy judyc@andrew.cmu.edu

After making my deposit through an atm into my checking account and I recieved my printed receipt, the bank lost my check and won't give me my $1000 that included overdraft charges. They won't admit they made a mistake and instead of helping me out they said figure it out and too bad for you. At least remove the overdraft fees, I should proof of my transaction and still no help. Disappointing is not the word.

I had a mortgage with PNC for 7 years. I never missed a payment and my credit is excellent. I have been trying to refinance with them into a 15 years mortgage for the past three months. They are now offering me a refinance rate of 4% while other lenders are offering me as low as 2.75% refinance rate. Additionally, PNC themselves are offering me 2.75% for a 15 years new purchase mortgage rate. When I asked PNC why the huge difference in rates between their purchase rate and refinance rate, there response was that they artificially inflate the refinance rates due to the large volume of refinance applications, which even if true, is unethical and unprofessional Meanwhile, I think that the real reason PNC is offering me this inflated refinance rate is because they know that that I can’t leave PNC for another mortgage Leander because PNC unlike all mortgage lenders or banks keeps refusing to release my SEMA. As a result, if I refinance with another lender, I would have to pay an additional $8,000.00 in closing cost, which makes my refinance not cost effective. Though, while I watch everyone that I know take advantage of the low mortgage refinance rates, I being denied this right and I am being held hostage to PNC’s unfair, unethical, and devious practices.

PNC Mortgage Pre-Approval in the worst. The tell you the approval allows you to shop confidently for a loan. After you commit to a sale the run around starts. Loan Officer does not return phone calls or respond to emails. They give verbal rate locks, lose documents, provide incorrect answers and simply don't care. Our entire deposit is at risk with our builder due to PNC Mortgage. Do not consider this company!!! The executive office cannot be reached via telephone. The closer you are to closing the more incompetent things will be. The government made $75 Billion of tax payer money available to help Middle class and low income American. This amounted one the largest Corporate Welfare give aways in American History.

I was with Provident Bank and unfortunately it was bought by PNC Bank. I live in Dayton, Ohio and had a terrible experience on Saturday when I went in to make a deposit in my savings account. I explained to the teller that I didn't know my full savings account number and wanted to write it on my deposit slip and when I looked it up on line it doesn't show you (the account holder) the full account number on line, even after you enter all your personal data. I know it's for security reasons, however if you have entered all your personal data you should be able to obtain your full account number on line somehow. The teller raised her voice and said: "It's for security reasons that you can't see the full account number on line, and I'll give it to you right now". That wasn't the point and I was already aware of that. After a short verbal exchange at the teller window just letting her know that I couldn't understand why as an account holder that I could not obtain my full account number on line, she proceded to say in a raised voice again (and everyone in the bank could hear her) "It's for your safety and I'm going to give it to you now!". I was so embarrassed and asked her why she was raising her voice and that she was embarrassing me, so unprofessional! I am writing a letter to the branch manager to ensure she doesn't do that to another customer.

Have you ever been turned down from taking your own money from the bank ? I have with over 100K in there bank! Never again,my $ will be in another bank today!

They want to help us with our mortgage... Yeah right! They continue to reject us. But we are here to help, (PNC) & all they've done is cause us headaches. Thanks PNC FOR NOTHING!!!!!

I had my purse and id, etc. stolen - and first it took repeated phone calls to get PNC to give me a provisional credit, which they finally did after five (5) days. I also requested to find out where a fraudulent check was cashed and they can't seem to get me this information. Don't they want to try to stop fraud?? Why can't they seem to get me this information?

Blog posters, the default is set to five starts, so check the default before you post; so that it accurately reflects your intent. Thankfully, the internet is our battle ground to post the real truths about all these corporate entities that continue to rake the general public through the coals dispite all their TARP monies!!!

Shared my personally identifiable information and other tax information with PNC marketing (after I advised the Ormond Beach, Florida branch, NO MARKETING EVER). I was bombarded within days, with PNC non-stop marketing phone calls regarding my finances. I closed out all my accounts, wrote a letter to corporate and am now doing business with my credit unions...plural. I WOULD NEVER recommend this bank, and SHAME ON YOU ORMOND BEACHSIDE BRANCH!

Drove 60 miles one way to open account, had all info gave them cash deposit and within 2 hours of leaving there they called and said my daughter that they were emailing signature card to, would have to physically come into the bank with in 2 weeks. She lives 3000 miles away. I called 2 days in a row before i drove there to verify this wasnt a problem, even called on my way, now they have my deposit and i have no account. Terrible dont believe anything they say

This is the worst bank ever espeially the Lansdown pnc. I have 8 different things with my name on it including a pa pic ID and they would not even cash a check that was in their name. I guess that says alot for their bank. Even if they closed down and went under another name I would still recongnize this sory bank.

I have been a customer of PNC/Midamerica for a very long time. Recently I tried to cosign a loan for my grandson. I wanted to start a good financial profile for him as he just turned 18 and will be attending a local collage. The loan was a very small amount, he has no credit score, I have assets in 7 figures, I have a couple of checking accounts at PNC and and current balances in 6 figures. I have 5 UTMA accounts also. My credit score is 820. So one would think I could get the loan for him. NOPE denied. I asked for a reevaluation, again denied. I sent a communication basically stating the above to PNC's President and Chief Loan Officer. Got a reply saying I would get an answer in 2 business days. That was almost 2 months ago. Two weeks go I sent a second request. Again I got a confirmation that I would get an answer in two days. Again that was two weeks ago. So tell me what I should do next?

PNC Mortgage subordination approval group is horrible. I have refinanced 2 times in the last 2 years and the subordination of the 2nd mortgage with PNC has been delayed twice with incompetence and mistakes in PNCs handling the approval. Now this is no HARP refinance or bailout loan....loan situation.... the LTV is 50 % of the value of the home. Bottom line is that PNC mistakes will end up costing me $3000 in interest and primary mortgage rate extension relock fee. I will recover fees thru litigation but this adds insult to injury with my time and lawyer fees... God help anyone who has to deal with the PNC mortgage subordination unit for a PNC second mortgage....

This bank is the worse!!!!! I applied for the home affordable package and they gave me the run around for over a year!!! make a long story short. instead of lowering my rate from 6.5 they extended my mortgage term!!! what a joke. more money in their pockets!!!!!! this bank does not !!! care about the people they just want to make more money!!!! DO NOT BANK WITH PNC!!!!!!!!!!! LOSE YOUR HOUSE INSTEAD!!!!!!

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