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Baloney- my checking acct. showed $ 6.10 as of 3/16/2015. You had better not charge me $36.00 and put it back into my acct. Or I'll take you to court. Why do pick on a low income and disabled person like me?


Worst bank ever employees are so stupid

Sad: Banks has thieves

PNC has used strong arm tactics & disregarded my business with them. Unfortunately, too many banks use unethical avenues to charge questionable fees/charges to get more money. There is little respect given to customers. The employees I've dealt with were nice enough. It is the unethical decision makers that seem to be the problem.

The Best

I have been with this bank a very long time. I love the branch on Nielles road, Fairfield Ohio. The employees there are the best. They treat you like family. They even know my name.My husband passed in Nov.2013 and they have all gone out of there way to help me get my estate and problems taken care of. I'm not even close to being a millionaire but they treat me like one. Thanks to all of you at PNC, Fairfield Ohio.

this bank is horrible ,They are closing my account with no reason given

This bank is horrible they are closing my account with no reason given . I believe its retaliation for making legitimate complaints with the controller of the currency concerning all the drama and the on going issues with my PNC account. These people have no respect and no loyalty to their customers and they are rude and disrespectful and my advice is don't do do business with PNC bank.

Not Good for Loans

I have been baking with PNC since 1995. I have never tried to apply for a loan, until last year & then again this year and both times, I was turned down. I am very disappointed, in the way they decide how you qualify for a loan. All these years of baking with them, has now made me decide to close my account and join a Credit Union. Thanks PNC for Nothing!!!!

money market purchase

Went to bank in Meno. Falls to inquire about money market status and was told we had none. . We have had it about 14 yrs. Their attitude was like I was crazy. It was worth a lot of money. Terrible discussion with manager

poor , closed my account with no notice took from friday july 25 till monday aug 4th to get my money. i was lied to about when the check was written an mailed. no reason given.

Uneducated service

Thank you for all the comments. I was going to open some accounts with this bank but have now changed my mind. I don't need any grief from another bank that is rude and non caring towards their customers. I believe I will be going to a credit union where it is about the customers.

Worst service ever

I have never rceived such horrible service from any bank as I have this weekend and again today. No one wants to help at all, I lost my bank card. They cut it off bu If I couldn't give them the exact deposit to the penny and the bank card number (which i had lost) they ca't issue me a nw card. Well guess what another bank will.

Outrageous Fees

I was charged their $36 overdraft fee when after my account was debited for a dinner out, I still had money in my account. Of course, when I was charged the $36, I continuously got in the hole because I didn't get paid for 3 more days and the more in the hole I got because of their fees, the more I got behind in the account. I hate this fn bank. I'm switching as soon as I can.

This bank is the worst

they have continually gotten the incorrect dates for my mortgage. I have not owned this house since 2010 but they started reporting to the credit bureaus that I have late mortgage payments. AMAZING, they simply do NOT know what they are doing. My attorney is suing them currently. Some little pipsqueak has THIS much control over my life that they can disrupt my credit score and cause me harm by having to pay too much for insurance and everything else. STAY AWAY from this bank.

bad forms

I went online and obtained a direct deposit form used it and now my money is in limbo because they information they asked for is incorrect. Thanks a lot

Awful, Cannot talk to a person. NOT user friendly at all

worst bank, run

absolutely, hands down the most crooked bank in a sea of crooked banks. Held my deposit for over a week, charged me overdraft fees even though my balance was positive, promised to refund it all while having the gall to call it a courtesy, then changed their minds and charged me anyways. Shameful!!

I have been working with the personnel at PNC bank for 3 weeks to redeem a CD that was left to me by my deceased aunt. Phone calls are not returned; the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. This bank does not know the meaning of customer service. The rating on this website is well deserved.

Bad Acct.

You will pay $1650.00 for your mistakes in my rent to - Silk Management LLC,700 rte.309 N,Dallas,Pa.18612 ir I will take you to Court.


I had the worst experience with this bank!!! The communication (lack of communication) was astonishing!!!! I had one rep tell me my account was open. Another person tell me my account was closed. The other person could not see my money. I would not recommend this bank to anyone who wants to keep track of their money.


Very unhappy with the Orange Blossom Mall branch..Branch manager is very unpleasant and down right rude...Their main drive thru teller is very demeaning and shouldn't be allowed to work with the public... Hate that branch and will not be going back!!!

Awful Service

Tried to make a change on my autopay loan payment. Started in early October, it is now December 20th, PNC still has not gotten the change made correctly.

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