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I sent an email, hoping to get help, but no response. I'm having problems paying my bill and missed my defer payment in July. I was hurt at work, and receiving no paycheck or workmans cop. I'm about to be shut off. I offered 100.00 that I borrowed. Nicor turned it down. I'm on medical at the moment, I called Ceda, they can't help till Nov. I also check Cook County and 2 other places, and was turned down. All I'm asking is for smaller payment plan at the moment. Thank You, Helen Radtke 708-514-1703 DippyDesigns@comcast.net

I was hurt at work last year & this year again. I missed my payment plan payment, so I;m being shut off. I'm receiving no workmans comp or paycheck at the moment, and I can't keep borrowing money and depend on them to take me to all me appointments. Can you please help me, I offered Nicor 100.00 to keep me on, but they said its not enough. Can you please help me. Thank you, Helen Radtke 708-514-1703

injured at work back in 2003 one thing is for sure nucor does not care one bit about injured workers neither does there insurance carrriers . first thing they do is fire you the the insurance co hire private investigators to follow you around .call your back surgeon begging them not to preform any type of surgery. then after 7 years your not allowed to go to the credit union.since my injury nucor and there insurance carrier has made life a liveing hell and my day will come i have more surgery comming up once i recovery back on my feet ill have my day in court. to even denie my privelage of the credit union is wrong and discrimination when there alot of non employed people useing the the same credit union.

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