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Not so Unlimited

We have been with ntelos over 7 years. We received a call today that they are terminating our contract on our Nationwide Unlimited everything plan and cutting off our phones in less than 10 days for "over usage"!!! So buyer beware, they say unlimited but you better not use it to much!

poor customer service

I started having problems with me two phones back in May 2013, I could not receive text messages from my daughters cell phone, which we both have n'telos and are on the same plan. Then I noticed I was receiving the same text message from the same person throughout the day, about 30 text messages. Once, I notified ntelos about the problem, I waited 3 to 5 days before they got back with me to tell me where I live there's no close towers that pick up signal for my phone and that I could only get signal from a sprint tower. After fixing the problem, its now June 16, and my phone is back to having these same issues. Would somebody in the regional office look into this problem and fix it???


DO NOT use this company. Pay a higher price elsewhere. My issues sincejoining in Feb are so bad that im going to the attorney general of VA. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, do NOT make the same mistake i did and i have every intention on writing to papers, magazines, blogs, etc to make sure that consumers do not continue to pay the salaries of these horrible people!!!!

Ntelos are thieves.

I went in to Ntelos to have them buy out my VW contract only to find out A WEEK LATER that they dont in fact buy out the whole contract. I took my phones back the minute i found out that id have to pay both VW and Ntelos. The guy in the store lied to me about everything, including getting my money back. So imagine my suprize when i get a bill in the mail 2 months later after paying them a restocking fee. They are the worst cell phone carriers ever. Id rather pay Verizon Wireless's outrageous prices, they're at least honest when they rob you.

Highly mad

I was told by Ntelos that my contract was being bought out by them at crossroads mall in wv well when i got my bill guess what surprise they didn't and I got charged 350.00 per phone I had. I'm so upset been a customer for 7 yrs with them and they did not want to fix this is so wrong.

I was switching phones numbers over to nTelos as my AT&T contracts expired. I've been with nTelos for around 5 months and I'm ready to return to AT&T. I took a nTelos iPhone in to a store and asked for a number to be ported over to my existing account. I'm sorry to put it this way, but the morons disconnected the existing line that is out of the area and put the number I asked to be ported to the phone I brought in on to the other phone. I never asked for anything to be disconnected. So then the fun began with customer service and technical support. They too are clueless as I began the ordeal with them on Sept 10 at 5:00pm and as of Sept 11 at 2:00pm I now have 2 iPhones that don't work. You see, a little in store training and professionalism may help. I've never walked in to a more unprofessional looking store than I did yesterday. Everyone sitting down and when I walked in, they jumped up like car salesman. An issue that I was told around 1:30 today is that the phone I brought in had a number on it that was disconnected in the middle of the billing cycle. So porting a new number on top of that phone wouldn't work until the end of the billing cycle. So I suppose nTelos wants me to be without phone service for at least 2 more weeks. The staff in the store obviously weren't trained properly or else they would have told me the phone wouldn't work because of the other number. So not only did they screw up my disconnecting a number, they screwed up my not giving me proper information. Sometimes cheaper isn't always better and nTelos is proving that to me. One other big issue is this summer I needed a replacement phone while on vacation. When it was sent to me, I couldn't activate it because I was out of the nTelos network and the Sprint network couldn't do it. This is nationwide service? This is rinky dink service that pretends to be nationwide. I'll bite the bullet until these contracts run out, but I won't stay with nTelos and I'd never recommend them to anyone.

July 4th I signed for service with nTelos in their Collinsville office. I was told I would have the same service I had with AT&T since 2003. WRONG! I went on vacation last week to SC and had no service. Missed a conference call, plus lots of other work related emails and calls. Called 611 when I got to Wi-Fi spot. Was on hold 30 minutes. Customer service was terrible! Spoke with someone named Ethan, very, very rude. Said I signed a contract and had to pay the early termination fee. Told him I signed a contract to have cell service and data, which I did not! He advised me they could not guarantee service everywhere. I was told in the store, even showed a map, but still didn't have service. Went back to the store in Collinsville 3 times. No one seems to care if you have service or not! I have contacted an attorney and made a complaint to the VA State Corporation Commission. I don't mind paying for something if I used it but 2 months, and they can't lower the price for ETF? You can go on line and get the names of nTelos CEO's and others, I recommend you all do that and file complaints with the SCC. Someone needs to give their employees customer service training and not keep putting people on hold for long periods of time. Instead they keep transferring from one person to another.

I have been very frustrated with ntelos that i am ready to switch to a another car keerier i been fighting with them about the first and second line that i have just received an upgrade in January of this year the phone is not properly working in Feb what going on when i having a conversation on the phone and have and have a call waiting the other call comes straight through and cut me off i have no way to keep running to a store but what top the cake my second line was purchase in may 2012 that phone start having problem three weeks later can't hear anyone when call incoming or outgoing well that one was taken to the store and was sent out for repair and it was not repaired having the same problems as before now want me to bring the phone back i am paying the bills for both phones but no i mean no solutions i love your plans it better than anyone else that i can get in my area but the phones are not get the service that we are expecting please help..

Dear Sir or Madam, We have been customers for more than 7 years! We have always been happy until this last contract which ends in March of 2013. Our bill is always around $200/mo no matter what we change. I recently called to downgrade the air card (which is another story and also a complete waste of money) since we no longer use it (yet are locked into another long contract). The representative was very happy to down grade it but FAILED to tell me that we would loose the current discounts so we are not saving that much. Our most recent experience made up our minds that we will be seeking another carrier. My phone was having several issues so I went to the store on 7/11/12 to check into having it fixed or replaced since we have the insurance on it. The representative gave me a loaner phone which was very old and absolutely disgusting! Each crevice in the phone was filled with some sort of "gunk" and the screen was so scratched that I could scarcely see the display. I got a text on 7/19/12 saying it was at the repair center. I assumed, since I was not told otherwise, that it was back in. I went to the store on 7/19/12 and was told that that meant it just got checked in at the repair shop. This was 8 days after I left it at the store. Eight days to reach repair is unacceptable. The following morning 7/20/12 I received a text stating it was at the store. Once again I made a trip to the store on 7/21/12. I was told, after waiting a half of an hour for them to find it, that the computer said my phone was checked in but it was not in the store. I was told that they would call the person that checked it in and find out where it was as well as email the repair center. I was told I would receive a call that day. I NEVER have received a call from them! On 7/23/12 I tried to call the store,trying to avoid making another trip there, to discover the number listed in the phone book only gave a fast busy signal. I called information and was given a number to a different store (which was also a number in the phone book). When I called the number it connected me straight to the 611 number. I was told by that representative that the stores never answer the phones. She told me that she would email someone to get a tracking number to find out where my phone was and call me that day but no later than the morning of the 24th. I NEVER got a call back. On 7/25/12 I took another trip to the store. My phone was there and I was told it had been since the 19th! I was also told that I had to pay for the repair because this was not an insurance claim. When I first entered the store on 7/11/12 I requested "my phone to be fixed or replaced since we have the insurance on it", the representative at that time never told me any different. On this day I was told that I should have called 611 and submit a claim that way, not go through a store!! This was the first time I ever heard this! When I got my phone, over 300 pictures and all my downloaded ring tones had been deleted!! The representative told me that the person who took in my phone to be repaired should have transferred my pics to another phone. She never mentioned it and I had no idea that they would be gone when the phone returned! The loaner phone was not even a picture phone. I am furious and completely disappointed in this company!! I am requesting at this time to cancel my account with Ntelos with no penalty.

I am very disappointed with netlos myself and my husband went to them to get one of there prepaided phones for emergencies. we was told when we got the phone that it would work where we lived and it does work at my house but we got it for him at work which is 2 miles from my house and it does not work it is in roaming. so we called the roanoke office and asked if we could bring the phone back and get a refund and was told that they would prorate for what we have used and we would get 30.00 dollars back out of the 80.00 that we paided cause there was a restocking fee which we was not informed of when we got the phone and the plan. but to make a long story short i will never deal with ntelos again nor will any of my friends and family that is just wrong it was only 4 days since we got the phone and we only used 27mins and all we would get back would be 30 dollars i mean really is that how you treat your customers

You don't even deserve one star but that is the lowest score you allow on the drop down menu. I purchased a smart phone 2 weeks ago. Struggled with problems with it every day....took it back to the store 3 times, emailed support over and over and over. The last email said I had through that day to return it to the store for a refund or exchange. Went back to the store that afternoon begging for a refund but they would not give. Spent that evening talking to 3 or 4 people in customer support and one supervisor stressing that the email said I had that day to return it. Got no help from anyone there. The person who sent the email was too coward to even respond. The phone was no more than an inferior walkie-talkie. Am telling everyone I know to avoid ntelos like the plague. Obviouly, there network is not strong enough to carry a cell phone signal 5 miles. I am happily back with US Cellular.

I have a cell phone that has not received texts or voicemails until a week later. I have made NUMEROUS complaints and the suggestion was...sign another 2 year contratc pay 75.00 to sign up early and then pay for another phone at promo price. WTH would I do that with service this horrible!!

I purchased a smartphone and called your company and the representative said that my bill will only be $57.00 a month. This is repeated by a representative on two different occasions. It should have been notated somewhere. I said that was fine. I called on 3/20/20102 and the representative said that it would be removed. I received my bill and was upset. I called on 4/20/2012 to see why my bill is still high. The lady on the telephone said that my bill is 39.99 plus 29.99 for the smartphone package. This is the first time that I heard of this. I would never agree to a $70.00 bill where there are so many cell companies that are cheaper. I am not satisfied and requested a cancellation of the phone. I have been with N’telos for 14 years and I see what your company thinks of a long time customer. I don’t feel that the customers are first as stated.

I live in Covington Va.and have the bundle package.I came on the optical cable system in January of this year as a test coustmer.I was asked by the Covington office to keep records of any problems that I encountered with the system and report it to the 611#.I have been dealing with Ray Lipes here and Mollie in Waynesboro and lots of your tech. staff.I am still reporting on the freezing up problem that has been going on for 7 months now,I called about 6 times yesterday Aug.15 to report the same freezing up of the picture. We could not even watch the evening news,worst night to date.I know several other people in the Covington area and Falling Springs that are having the same problems.Tech.have came out and changed everything in my boxes and I have been told from your end that company that supplies your equiptment has had expierts come in and make adjustments on the system,yet we still have a serious freezing problem.We love the picture when we can see it and like having a bundle package,but I do not feel you have a quality product to be charging your coustmers for at this time.Please ezcuse spelling and I would like to speak to a Supervisor or who ever is in charge over there. Thanks and you folks have my #540 962-2994

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