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service work not done

I took my truck in for a oil change & tire rotate well got the oil change 20 min.I noticed that my tires wasn't rotate cause i had mud on passenger side wheels (dry mud that is ) & my tires was still had mud on the passenger side & the never switch.It was even on my slip they did it & he ask me to sign the notice lug nuts are to be retorqued after 25 miles.Where is the trust in your company if they tell you something but don't do it.??


If you are getting tires then you are fine.. But if you are getting any work done RUN! Find someone else to work on your car or truck. They make it sound like they know what they are doing but they don't. RUN!

tire replace

I had NTB replace a tire on my front passenger side, I had beendriving tohe car off and on for about two weeks. i kept hearing this noise and it kept getting louder and louder, I took it back to the dealer for services and the tech. notice that i only had tow BOLT ON my tire, the workman at NTB in OAKLawn didn't put the othe bolt on my car. I had been driving around with only two bolt.I could have lost my life. (4453 SOUTHWEST )HIGHWAY/

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