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What a joke the officiating has become, as bad as the NBA!!! The Ed Hocali Crew turned the whole game on a few bad calls that even the announcers couldn't cover for them. Amazing and bewildering what William Ford and the rest of the Detroit fan base has done to be constantly the recipient of bad calls to keep this team down.

Integrity of the game? Really ? Just so you know . I gave up on the NBA due to bad officiating and Super Star calls or lack of calls and poor basic skills of the game. I gave up on MLB due to drugs and ownership denials of that very issue. The NFL is getting very close to losing me as a fan . I can find other things to occupy my time with on Sundays. Really I can

Packers-Seahawks. Jesus Tapdancing Christ. Sincerely, The World

When are you guys going to get your head out of your assess . NFL is now looking worse than peewee football. Start putting fines on the temp reds for screwing a call. OBVIOUS. COME ON MAN.

last nights game was the straw that broke this fans back. im cancelling my nfl game day package and am done with your bullshit product. all you greedy owners have ruin this once great game. im done with your product.

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