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Bad service

I ordered glasses 14 days ago and just found out today that they broke the lens and now I have to wait another week. This is crap. I had to call to find out this information. I gave them until Wednesday to get them done or they will be refunding me.


Their were 5 girls working behind the counter and all five of them were rude not professional at all. One girl told another staff well I guess we have to be nice to the customers and was told you should always be nice to customers she said I don't know about that. I will never return back to Nationwide again. Very poor service on 7th St and Baseline.


Not professional at all and staff is very rude. They don't deserve any stars. Staff was no hepl at all. Poor service at 600 E Baseline road. 5 girls working behind counter One employee was putting on make-up nd the other employee was combing her hair nd the other 3 were sitting down talking while customers were waiting.

Take your money and don't provide eyeglasses.

On August 7, 2014 I paid $512.73 for distance glasses and readers. Got the distance after a month. No information on when I might receive the readers. Just excuses piled on top of excuses. Will have to ask credit card company to get my money back and will be contacting better business bureau.

Horrible Custumor Service

All I can say is I received the worse customer service I have EVER gotten in a Optometrist office in my life. I will Never go to a Nationwide vision office again. Hard lesson learned. Even Corporate office did not return my call after leaving several messages to put in a complaint about the customer service I received. Another problem with using a big corporation for medical services.

poor customer service

after 2 visits to the center for obtaining wrong script they said they returned my calls but never called. I had to drive to the location to speak with them then the receptionist fumbled to try to locate the number she called me at and admitted she didn't call the correct number. I was then told I would have to go out of my way to another location 10 miles away and have another Optometrist exam my eyes.


Disappointed in the exam and follow up service I was provided

Good facility, good service

I just read through these reviews and was surprised. I don't normally write reviews but decided that someone needed to add a positive note here. My eye exam was good, my contact lenses are perfect, and everyone was as nice and professional as could be. Every business has a complaint now and then so I would advise anyone reading these horrible reviews to remember that.

Only bad review allowed?

I submitted a review and gave the company 4 stars. It wasn't posted so I wonder if this is one of those sites that only allow negative reviews.

Wrong eyeglasses

My eight year old was complaining about her vision turns out she was given the wrong pair of glasses same frame but wrong lenses.

poor customer service

just getting the run around. no one seems to know what they are doing. the only thing they know what to do is pawn u off to the nxt person. its either call this # call that # or ill call u bck by the end of the week which they never do.

Yes its me again so to continue with my poor exp... they called me to tell me that I was right I didnt have to pay extra for a basic eye prescription. Well I live 15 miles from here so I wasnt going to rush there specially when I should have been able to pick it up the day I was there, Then the manager calls me and tells me that I need to take care of the balance due WHAT A JOKE!!!!!! I TOOK MY BUSINESS SOME PLACE ELSE!!!!! SURE DID OKAY CHECK THIS OUT NATIONWIDE VISION DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE CORRECT PRESCRIPTION!!!!! DO NOT GO HERE ITS ONLY TROUBLE!!!!!!

WOW I thought maybe it was just me but now seeing everyones complaints I now know that its not. I will NEVER go to this place again. It took a very long time not to mention the fact that we only went for a basic prescription for $49 turn out to be $88 for extra test that we did not even want done NOR did they ask us or even tell us about it being more money till the very end. Thats not right!!!!!!!

very poor customer service, the office people not need help me. i needed assistance in what to get, its my first time with eye glasses and now i find out there are several options... sunglasses, transition, lenses that will work for bifocal..

Here's what you do, file a complaint with the AZ Attorney General office. You can contract me and I will send you an email with a *.pdf attachment of the complaint form. If you are interested I doing, I'm trying to get class action against them to prove Medicare fraud and get the contract pulled. They not only pick on the elderly, they pick on the disabled. GrapeCrush@q.com

I can relate to several of the other complaints I've read. I had Cataract surgery in April of 2010 and got Frames & Lenses. when I picked them up, first of all they had the wrong color frames (red) I ordered black, which they did correct. I ordered Transitions, which I've worn for at least 15 years, and never experienced a problem like this. In March the transitions peeled back & bubbled on both lenses. I took them back & they did supposedly replace the lenses In April of 2011. This February (2012) my right lens started bubbling and peeling back again. When I took them back.. they accused me of using Clip-ons.....what an insult !! Why would anyone put clip-ons on a pair of transitions. Then they told me it had to be something about the chemicals in my body, however only one of the lenses peeled. why wouldn't both of them peel?? It peeled back all the way to the Bifocal, so I couldn't even see through them. Since this is the 2nd set of lenses doing that, it has to be a defective lens. This was at Your Surprise Office On Grand Ave. I must say your Staff there could certainly use some Customer Service Classes. The Manager wouldn't even come out & talk to me this last time I was in. I really feel you should at least replace the one lens. if not both of them. I will certainly NOT recommend your Services or products to anyone in the future. POOR SERVICE - INFERIOR PRODUCT.

THEY ARE ABUSIVE TO THE ELDERLY!!!! PLEASE READ!!!You know it's one thing to give poor service...yes we all experianced that in todays day and age so I am very carefull in considering writing a bad review. As a matter of fact this is the first one.It's one thing to give bad services it's an entirly diffrent matter when it comes to elderly abuse. I scheduled an appointment with the Bell rd location in north phoenix. On the day opf the appoinment called in to confirm. As I drove my mother with alzheimers and my step father with dememsia to the location I had discoverd the location had moved. No sweet i'll just call them up and find out where they are. On the phone comes a lady who sharpley asked where are you! I stated im at your store but its closed. Well! I told you we had moved when you called but i guess i'll just have to tell you where were at again! I was bewilderd by the sharp angry voice. As we arrived at the location we walked in an stated who we were. I sat my mother in a chair and my step-dad at the counter with me. At this point the lady behind the counter shoves a stack of papers at my and says fill these out! no hello just fill these out. I stated the my step father was a regular pateint for the last 10 years and everything should already be on file. The lady huffs, and says well nothing in my computer! She looks at my step dad and with an alarming voice says I told you to have a seat!!! She scream this loud enough itschocked everyone in the place!I dont know what is wrong with you sir! sit down!~ ok now I'm mad. I told her her behavior is deplorable and was meet with more ranting at myself. I can deal with it but when you scream at elderly people and by now my mother who was sitiing is in tears over stupidity I quickly snatched them up an got them the heck out of there.Alot of coustmers leaving behind me as well. I called the corperate office and spoke with a young man who's reply was I've talked with the people at that office and there are two sides to every story . no opolgy was offered except a condisending reply of I will apologize to whatever your conseived problem is an this after me promting him. ok. so with that said I have heard nothing more on the subject and as our family lawyer has advised me I am waiting a full 30 days to see if we hear back from Nationwide. At which point we will file suit. Again no threat but if companies dont feel its in there best interest to give credence to complaints then sometimes a suit is the only way to really get there attention. So I want to put it to you this way. Verbal Abuse to the elderly as well as an offical response from you regional manager of "there are two sides to everry story" is just simply not acceptable. I would stay clear of Nationwide as they have no concern nor care about there day to day dealings with the public.

Was fitted with new lenses following cataract surgery at Nationwide Vision Center located at 15560 N. Frank Lloyd Blvd, Scottsdale, Az. 85260 on 5/20/11. The progressive lenses, for which I paid a premium,produce a distortion when reading print from a newspaper or other fine print. I returned to the center on 6/1 with my complaint & was told that is the nature of the lens I paid for, notwithstanding I gave my replacement glasses to the person who fitted me with the new lens. The distorition produces a slanted image when I am looking to the right, but not to the left. I believe this is a faulty lens & request a no-charge replacement.

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