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Rondy Earl Packard J.r

Rondy Earl Packard J.r

Rondy Earl Packard J.r

Rondy Earl Packard J.r

Rondy Earl Packard J.r 9/17/2014


Rondy Earl Packard J.r

The National Basketball Assocation



Rondy in Oct.

Rondy in Oct.

Rondy 0ct/2014


nba in Oct.2014

nba in Oct.2014

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Sacrenmto Kings for Rondy earl packard j.r to have sussecs for all the playing time what is pedaction invloved at Blue Sky wellness center in fresno city college dspand s have made Rondy Earl packard j.r 30 Million per year with his skills as a indinaval rondy preety knows what his $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$team is 9/17/2014 b-day aggre,emt

Sacemento Kings for Rondy

Rondy 9/11/2014

nba $ Walmart Dr. 9/20/2013 Medaction is taken by the 30 Million Dollars from .org Bluesky Wellness center a point guard

$30 Million from the point Guard b-day 9/17/2014 r.e.p j.r


Walmart)30 million 438 west pinedale,ca 93650

@adam silver for Rondy Earl Packard J.r

Taking medacations for the NBA as well as Walmart from Pinedale,CA 93650 to a program called BlueSky Wellness Center.

Health Condtions are imporant to theNBA 10/2014

The National Basketball Assocation 10/2014

30 Million at Walmart 9/17/2014 @Adam Silver the New Commioner of the N.B.A

The New Commioner of the N.B.A @Adam Silver To Rondy Eral Packard J.r for 30 Million per year at Walmart in Fresno, CA 9/17/2014

estimated 30 million at Walmart

Estamited with NBA Commioner Adam Silver 30 Million at Walmart 9/1/2014

30 million

30 million at walmart 7/18/2014


1-keep dental mouth guards in mouth at all times when on the court 2-spare coaches from being interviewed while the game is in progress 3- no commercials during the last minute of the game as it destroys the suspense and interest.

Poor Officiating

When is the NBA going to fix the poor officiating. The outcome of the games are 'guided' much like the WWE. If I wanted to watch faux sports, I would watch the WWE!

Rondy Earl Packard J.r

The National all-star is in the( compute) 23-25 Million per year 4/2014

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