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Isaiah Strickland Ext. 3190

I appreciate this man, he was courteous, professional and went the extra mile to help me. I wouldn't hesitate to call him for my next purchase of musical gear. He is a credit to your business.

Lousy Customer Service

The person at MF who handles eBay emails stated that Pearl did not provide them with the length of dismater of the floor tom legs. Then why not call Pearl and find out? Only incompentent and silly people do not do the simple things in life which will create more sales. I got my legs from Music123. $14.99 for long legs, 9.5mm, and now my 1979 blue vistalite is ready to play. Why deal with MF when I cannot get them to listen to a video clip and sell me a $250 cymbal. I would and will never recommend MF! As for this site, it is as idiootic as other knuckleheads who cannot write and design a simple website. Why have I tried 4 times to put in the code below and it does not work?!!

Just a heed of warning- don't buy any extra warranty package from Musican's Friend as they will not stand behind it. I bought the 3-yr Gold Package on some JBL speakers and one of the cones went out. Long story short, I called Musican's Friend to report the claim and they said they didn't handle the warranty(even though I bought it from them) for me to call NEW. I called NEW and then they tell me that I need to call the manufacture since it hasn't been over a year. So I called JBL and they said they didn't handle it for me to call Wizard Electronics and have them look at it. I then had to pay to ship it to Wizard Electronics where they had it for two weeks before denying coverage. So, I called New back and now I have to pay the $65.00 for having it looked at, the first shipping to there and now shipping back to have NEW to sent it off to their facility. So now I have to get it back, be without my speaker again for three more weeks and then submit the receipts for my claim to maybe be reinbursed. Bottom line, $150 + for the warranty from Musican's Friend, $100.00 having it shipped all over the country and being without my speakers for 6 weeks being a part-time DJ. Great way to stand behind your warranty Musican's Friend and do the right thing. I have spent more than $4,000.00 with them over the past two years, but Musican's Friend have seen the last of my dollars due to this experience. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MUSICAN'S FRIEND- AT LEAST NOT THE EXTRA COVERAGE BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH TOO!

This is a company that treat there employees like garbage.

Hello sir, a very serious problem here.... sir i send friend request my friend only i know and i meet these people then my id blocked 4 times and this time for 30 days why??? Sir please sir unblock my id please sir help me... My email id is lyshyadav_90@yahoo.in thanks sir..

Hello My name is Donna Mitchell. I am asking anyone could help a drummer out. He needs to get a set of drums so he can play and provide for himself and his daughter. I have ask different churches to help,I was told to write to you.He had to sell his set of drums to help pay his medical bills. He needs to get back to playing! he loves music! I heard he is very good! Please help me or if you know anyone that would help please let me know! Thank You Donna Mitchell! This is a personal request not a business request!

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