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MTD does not know what year it is

MTD has no email address due to they still livenin the year 2002 not in the year 2013 fix your site to be 2013 compliant

Caught on fire and burned me

On the Troy Built Colt zero turn mower, the solenoid was never bolted to the frame ( which is part of the assembly at the factory ). according the the fire chief/ inspector that is what melted the side of the gas tank and sparked on the metal strap holding the gas tank down..... I'm NOT trying to make a big deal about this....I've had burns in the past.. yes they do suck and they do hurt a lot but scars or no scars, they heal. I just want my mower repaired.....I'm not even trying to get a whole new one ...... it just needs a new wiring harness and battery! Please someone help. Accidents do happen. All most people want is there to be acountanility.

home owner

Firstly, at new, my 13hp 33" snowblower worked fine, bettet than fine. But after a few years of use, things are starting to develope. Two separate chain drives one for each wheel, so loose you can almost touch the two sides together, chains jumping over the sprockets trying to move forward...with no tensioners, ....and, on the web, four different times, trying to email, web sites are made to roll in a circle, theres absolutely no way to contact these people, holding consumers at arms length, THIS WILL BE MY LAST MTD PRODUCT, if these folks want to sneak around not even supporting their products much less commuicating with us........

I purchased an MTD 42" riding mower in 2010 and have been very pleased with the unit until that "dreadful day." The extension spring broke that holds the shift lever. I called to order the part and was told that the part would ship as soon as they receieved it from the manufacture. They took my money and I call 2 weeks later to find out how much longer it would be and was told from 2 weeks to 9 months. Now this is outragous. For a spring that is 3/8" X 3 1/4". Be honest and tell your customers that you don't have the part and will never get the part because you don't make that part anymore! This goes to show you that "GREED" controls people that think they are better than the next guy. In America, as an American, we can and will defeat the "Big Corporations." Sorry, I can not rate you.

Snapper makes a great HI-Vac mower that bags good/and mulches. The deck on the unit has a relold under edge on it that makes a good suction for bagging. The engine is a 6. 75 Briggs and Stratton engine which is in the range of power you need to cut/ mulch thick grass. ( A 5 hp engine has trouble in thick grass. ) There are other mowers that might meet your requirements , but the Snapper is known for its' great bagging ability. You don't have to remove the bag to mulch- so that's a plus too. Linda

Mostly they are all the same except for very high-end morews. Call your local parts guy and tell him the model number. In all likelihood it'll be the universal key they keep there in a big bin, but if not he'll almost certainly have a replacement for your mower. If you have a mechanically savvy friend, he can probably show you how to get around this with a couple of pieces of wire, temporarily. I've hotwired several morews and garden tractors when the key was misplaced.

Bought a troybuilt log splitter, the bolt broke holding the blade it fell down and was 1/4 in from cutting my husbands hand off, I called MDT for days and got the run around, i figure it is defective, i was made to feel like a scam artist, actually 1 customer rep said (oh well accidents happen all the time) now is that rude and uncaring or what>??????? I didnt want my money back just a different log splitter, one that isnt defective.......

I first want to applaud your courage in posting so many negative customer comments on this website. My complaint/question is, why does it take 12 days to receive a part the size and weight of a quarter? Your parts system took 5 days to get this item to FedX who then took another four days to get the 1/2 oz item to Atlanta. FedX is now shipping the item by USPS to my home. A 45 cent stamp and a 10 cent cushioned envelope would have had the part here six days ago. Does FedEx own MTD?

I have owned a troy built gas trimmer and riding mower which were big mistakes. I will never again purchase one of your products. They are a piece of junk. The trimmer needed a carburator which I could not find anywhere. It was made in China and no longer made. The riding mower after I bought it started leaking oil and a short time later the transmission went out. I have a small yard and none of the products were abused. You make sorry products and should not be in business. They both were puchased from Lowe's. I feel riped off. One star is to high of a rating for your prodyuts.

Please be advised that I will be filing a complaint against your company with the BBB and will be seeking legal advice this afternoon. To minimize your damages I would suggest you contact me immediately. 440-466-7504. Your troy built pony is a disgrace as well as your customer service department.

I work at an mtd plant. We recently were paid a visit by the corporate office. They got very preachy telling us "MTD is a gift from God". Excuse me? As a religious person that is offensive. I understand what they mean, I guess, but life is a gift from god. When they closed down the plastic mold plant in Cleveland do you think that was gods work? Maybe talk to your priest or pasture first before you make such blasphemous statements!

I purchased a Troy Built Pony. Frirst mistake i resently fell off this tractor, i leaned to left at 11 o clock and slipped off the HORRIBLE designed seat MTD say it the standard seat on all there tractors. Liars i checked out Menared Home Depo Sear and this seat was not on any of there so call brands. Well so much for product liability. Fractured right shoulddr loss of 2 weeks of work not able to drive and now have to rely on pepole to driveme to n from work, to the Dr. Haha and another 4-6 wks with no use of my primary arm few thkusand medical bills and Lowes nicely picked up the POS oh ya tractor also has a mind of its own starts when it wants to. Bottom line is MTD/TROY BUKLT JUNK SAVE UR MONEY AND FOR PRODUCT LIABILITY THEY ARE UNBELIEVABLE! !! Nothing offerwd at all. CONSU.CONSUMER AFFAIRS HWR I COME!

I purchased a bl100 and was extremly satisfied. We have a small horse farm w/ various other smaller farm type animals. Well sadly to say after using it just a few times w/ successful completion of rewinding the string, I could not remove the spool. The bump knob easily came off but no luck slidding yhe spool off. I called my locacal lowes and they agreed too exchange it. I was glad it went so smoothly. I took it home and a few days later proceeded to take care of my lawn care. It seems they traded my bl100 for a bl110. I am sure it was the same price and a comperable model. The problem is there is a great deal of power lost due to the dramatic drop in cc's. I have already taken back my bl100 and do not know what protocol is for returned merchandise but I sure would like to have my bl100 back. I have not touched the bl110 since. I have no use for it! I went and bought some eco-friendly weed killer for the animals and drinking water. Trust me, there is no savings. How can I get my bl100 back? I thank you in advance for your time and understanding. I await patiently for your correspondance.

after working on motors,trucks autos all my life i decided i needed a new riding mower.i bought a new bronco mower.being new i assumed it would run-have enough power to run mow properly.i was VERY wrong,after 1.5 yrs of use ive had to replace the ignition switch,starter relay,and a few other sml items.when TRYING to change the oil filter i had to destroy the filter to get it off,it was obviously put on FAR FAR TOO TIGHT when it was assembled new.the carb on this unit was set incorrectly,it would not mow anything over 5-6 inches tall,it acted like it did not have a govenor in it at all.troybilt used to be a very well made long lasting item.it looks like now they are not another cheap mtd ranchking item.i will never purchase a troybilt item again.

I had a brand new MTD product mower that self ignited when we went to screw the gas cap on, and almost burned our house down. The original customer rep I talked to was ready to replace the mower until he realized there might be other damage. He then referred me to the "lawyers", who have done nothing other than intimidate and stonewall. This is so clearly a case of MTD liability that I would think they would be embarrassed to fight it, at least to the point of replacing the mower. I have never been so disappointed or angry with a company. I will never give these people a single dime. As someone else said, this site needs negative ratings, because one star is way too good for this company.

If I could give minus stars I would. I ordered parts and was lied to about shipment date. I needed the parts, and was told they would be shipped the next morning. I was lied to. Any one that would buy a troy bilt piece of equipment is crazy. To bad, at one time tkey were a good company, But no longer. They make junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered a muffler with a welded exhaust pipe. The wrong part was shipped. They would take a return on the part, but they would not pay for the shipping even though this was not my error. After continuing to call the company for a resolution, none was achieved. Additionally, Bill in support admitted to me that the part I ordered wasn't even listed on the page, although the description of the part clearly stated a welded pipe to muffler. Even after the wrong part was shipped, they refused to handle the shipping charges back to the company.

I have a MTD 2 stage 24" snow Blower. Having drive problems after light use for 2 years. Called for tech help. The lady was very nice but the actual tech was a jerk. Would not listen, kept interupting and just he didn't know what could be the problem. No help at all! Why have a help line if they don't want to help

i bought a 21 inch yardman or mtd snow blower because it was american made and even made in my part of the country cleveland ohio.you may as well call this thing a corn husker ,because it probly does that better than blowing snow. it gets a clogged shoot every two feet, unless you have four inches of powder snow with very little moisture in it it is absalutly useless. you should know this, i cannot be the only person that has complained about this machine. if you decide not to correct this purchase or at the least give me an apolegy i will never buy an mtd product again and as a decent company you should do the right thing.joncleyden@yahoo.com

I am a widow who is sick of being lied to and riped off.Lowes talked me out of buying a John Deer mower and talked me into a Troy Bilt.Now I know why! Your company knew that this mower was a piece of trash and Lowes was told to get rid of them.How could you do this? So far I have put at least $400.00 into it and now it needs another $500.00 worth of work.After the death of my SON and then 10 months later my HUSBAND with no life insurance I can not afford this. I also have a daughter who is disabled so that means I can not work.We were forced to sell our home and now live in a small double wide on 3 acres.I can not afford a new riding mower and will now have to use a push mower.I only used this thing about 10 times due to it always breaking down.How do you people sleep at night knowing what you have done? I am sure you do not care as you sit in your million dollar homes and have someone mow your yard!

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