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Another scam like mr transmission Routed for free rewards that has scam written all over


I took my 2007 Jeep Wrangler there June 2012 to have a clutch replaced in Charlotte, NC to the tune of 1100.00. One week after we got our vehicle back, it went out again- the throw out bearing shouldve been replaced and was not. We spent ANOTHER 350.00 to have a part replaced that should have been done with the first set of repairs. OH- and the location we used closed its doors with no announcement the day after we picked up from our initial repairs, so we had to go to another location. Fast forward to last week- June 2013- we have since moved to Tampa, FL. The entire clutch we had replaced in 2012 is completely shot. It went out on me in the middle of driving home. The mechanic who looked at it here informed us that our of the 9 bolts that should have been holding the clutch in place, only 8 were present. This caused the plate to work itself loose and move around, eventually obliterating our clutch. They said likely the negligence of the last body shop, they said more than likely they did not secure it properly to begin with for this to happen. I am spending another 1200.00 to repair the shoddy work that was done. I will be filing complaints all over the earth on this one.

Horrible Experience!

I live in Columbus, Ga....Mr. Transmission started working on my car over a month ago. When I first received it back it was miss firing still, they told me to bring it back to them. Which I did and every time I called its another excuse. I cleaned the car prior to taking it, after a unexpected visit I was surprised with kids toys, food spilled everywhere in car, empty cans and bottles inside. Thats not even the worst part about it...I was given a broken key BACK!!!! I never experienced horrible unprofessional service like this. I wasn't even offered a rental car for my unconvinence thru out this long period of time. I have kids plus daily things to do, like anyone else. I had to write this after just being told the received the engine but they couldn't give me a date it would be ready, plus they hung up in my face. I will never take a vehicle to Mr. Transmission again!


I recently had a 2005 Trailblazer transmission rebuilt by Mr. Transmission in Louisville Ky. I am from Alabama, Great service from the guys in Louisville however the transmission burnt up after a week. I call Louisville they said take it to the Mr. Transmission in Hoover. They have had it for a week and have not repaired it yet. Every time I call they are waiting to get another car off the rack or some other excuse. After calling louisville office a number of times Louisville is shipping the parts to Hoover office. To have a car down for a week and not look at it is inexcusable. Customer service is the worst I have ever seen. Next step is calling an attorney. I expect to have some kind of compensation for holding my car for a week without looking to see what the problem was. Will never use Mr. Transmission again.

Rip off

i took my car in to a louisville mr transmission and they said it was fixed. Picked it up and it was doing exactly what it was doing when i took it in there, As of now 3 weeks later they still have it And keep telling me they're working on it. This place should not be allowed to opporate. Ill be warning against this place on every site i know, facebook, signs on phone poles what ever.

Should be zero stars they sell a warranty with the transmission and charged 1400 transmisson did not last 6 months they wont honor their 2 year warranty

I took my car into the Mr. Transmission shop on Montgomery Street in Savannah, Ga on 7/31/12 to have my transmission reconditioned with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty. I paid them $1542.00 on 8/3/12 when I picked up my car . I had only driven the car a few miles when I noticed that it was not driving right. I therefore returned to Mr. Transmission to let them know . I was told to leave my car and they would take care of the problem. Every time I called to check on the status of my car for the next 6 weeks I was told each time that they were working on it and it would be ready that afternoon. Well, each day that I called later for some reason or another it was never ready. I went by to check on it myself and found it on a lift in the shop with the tire off and no one working on the car. This was a few days after being told for the 2oth time that my car would be ready by 5:00PM each day. My sister came down for a visit and on 9/11/12, I was again told that my car would be ready by 5:00PM. My sister at that point got on the phone and told them if the car was not ready by this time that further legal action would be taken. I was able to pick up my car that afternoon! A few days later, guess what???? My car was not running correctly again! Not only that but the radio cover had been taken out and I had to make a special trip to recover that as well. I finally have my car back 2 months after this whole ordeal started without any apologies or concern. I only hope that people will see this note and understand that they should be very careful about using this company.

I don't know the answer to ur quietson. But the next time u purchase a used vehicle. In ur negotiations, ask the dealer to include a 30 day bumper to bumper warranty. If they refuse, walk away, they know something is wrong with it then. Every used truck i've bought, which cause of my line of work, is about 1 a year, I always make them add it to earn my buisness. Once i get it, I take the truck to a mechanic and for a bout 100 bucks or less, they will go through and through it and find anything wrong. Then the dealer has to fix all those problems or future problems. just my 2 cents

We d certainly agree with the snceod bit, in that without question this has been the most rapid credit market rally ever seen. But as mentioned in this blog, we don t believe that the credit rally is overextended, since we still believe that within investment grade we re getting overcompensated for default risk. It s also worth pointing out that we don t agree with some of the things quoted in the article, eg that European BBB non-financials yield about 200bps more than govies, which is the "long term average". The long term average figure for European BBB non-fins isn t 200bps, but is actually 140bps, which is a very significant difference! It s worth adding that European BBB non-financials yield slightly more than quoted (213bps as at yesterday), while if you re a UK investor you re probably more interested in the UK market, and UK BBB non-financials yield a considerable 280bps more than gilts. 280bps is still higher than the most distressed levels seen in the UK in 2002.

i took my truck took Mr Transmission to have my transmission rebuilt an paid 2,797 an my didnt run three weeks an transmissions stop working i call the own an told him an he told me to bring it in an i did i told him what the truck was doing he told me sound like a electri sencer an he told me my truck was under warranty he would take care of it he had my truck for two weeks so i called an ask i he had fixed my truck he said no i will look it tomorrow when he did he ask for 900,00 more to rebuild that transmission again so i went the BBB when i went to the BBB i got a call from Mr Transmission saying we got your truck up on the ramp we have take your transmission out an i told him that i didnt have 900,00 why would you take my transmission out went i didnt tell you to take it out when i went to go an get my truck he torn apart my transmission he told me he put those parts in a box so i could take them

Destiny, you are not alone. Mr Transmission at Manchester Expressway, Columbus, GA does not deserve any stars. The owner has taken my $2,368.77 and again asked me for another $1800. Mike May the owner told me he could not do anything for me until I give him $1800 or bring some parts. I told him I just wanted to take my car out of his shop. Mike is holding my vehicle hostage at Allen's in his holding area. This man refuses to give me my money or my car back. He lied in court that he has purchased a transmission for my vehicle. Why would he buy a transmission for the car he claims is missing parts, and not on the car work until I payed him $1800. 00 or bring certain parts? I did not give him the $1800 or the parts he asked for, so why would he just go out and buy the transmission? I could not believe all the lies he told in court. I had not purchase any transmission for my car. He just wanted to rip me off and doing nothing for me. I have filed an appeal to the state court. I was not allowed to mention anything about his F rating with the BBB. If these reports cannot be mentioned in court, why is the government paying people to collect them? BBB reports are public records which customers should be able to show as an example of what companies are doing to other customers. BBB reports indicate that two Mr. Transmission customers have experienced the same problem that I am going through with Mr Transmission. What should it take until authorities step in and do something about companies like Mr. Transmission? Mr. Transmission shop in particular is ripping people off. According to BBB, within the last 12 months, 16 complaints have been against Mr. Transmission; that is why the company is no longer a member of the BBB, but why can't the BBB do something about the company? All the reviews written are very close. This company loves to trick customers for extra money. It appears that Mr. Transmission shop's favorite amount of money is $1800. Many customers have been asked for an extra $1800. I wish judges would read customers complaints and reports concerning products and services before making judgments.

This is an amazing reply to a customer complaint from a Pelham Al store. Maybe the customer should have bought the warrranty, but..... " you should have purchased the extended warranty we offered you. dipshit: very nice

a zero score is too much... the johnson city tn ..mr transmission took my vehicle in ... the manager called after they had looked at my transmission. the cost suddenly rose for $1600 .. to $4009 ... i had told them to stop with their work before the rebuild ... two days later, the manager call and said my vehicle was almost ready ... the game is called bait and switch ... my vehicle is being held hostage

I Have to say that I am bieng very generous when I give them a 1 star. I think they need a -300 stars. I took my van to Mr. Transmission in Columbus Ga. about 3 or 4 years ago. The transmission had went out. Took them I want to say about 4 or 5 months to complete. They never returned our phone calls and always had an excuse as to why they didnt have it ready and kept giving us different promise dates to when they would be done. Got the van back drove it for about 6 months and then the motor went out. Took it to them cause they were the cheapest and again took them another 6 to 7 months. Same run arounds once again. Got it back drove it again for a few months and my left front tire came off while driving it home one night. Had to have it towed in once again and they fixed that. A couple months later I had to take it back because the transmission went out again. This time it was under warranty so they put another transmission in it and again it went in on Feb. then got it back in Sept. Same runarounds again...then drove it until Feb. of this year and back in the shop with a blowed head gasket. The motor was supposed to be under warranty but because we did not have the reciepts to show that we changed the oil in the van (which my husband changed the oil hiself), they would not warranty it so we had to pay the full amount for the third time. We got the run arounds again and this time I was offered a rental car in writing even and I could not contact them for days about getting one and gave up because they would not answer. Well this time it took them from Feb. until the end of June. I had to renew tag cause we moved and had to get insurance back on the vehicle so I wasnt able to drive it for a month until I could get all that straight. I had to jump it off to crank it and drive it up the street every so often during this time and I noticed the temp gauge still was not working. Also during all this time in the shop I had a new radiator, hoses, several temp gauges, and a new altenator was put in. So we take it back again to have the left front tire checked again cause it was making a weird noise, they had to figure out why it would not crank on its own, and they had to find out why the temp gauge still wasnt working. That has been two weeks ago that we took it back and I have called them every day this week and been told by them that they were putting in the batthery that I brought them, or they were putting in the temp gauge, or they would have it ready first thing in the morning, or to give them about 20 min, 2 hours, or by the end of the day and they would call me back but everytime I would wait for their return call, I never got one. A couple of times when I would call them I would either get a busy signal (Ive learned too that when I hear this, they have turned off their phones) or I would get an anwering machine, or they would hang up on me, or they would pick up the phone and not say anything and I would be left with saying "hello,hello" and I could hear them in the back round. This is really frustrating because they know that this is my only way of going and they really think it is funny. I have turned them in to the BBB and I am ready to have an officer go down there with me tomorrow when I go to make a report against them. I have been more that patient with them and I have responded back with them every time they have asked me to but they will not do the same for me. Just a year ago their business went under new management and even though that was no excuse, I still tried to give the new owner a chance to make things right and he even fired two of the guys that were giving us the run around the first couple of times but I really think now that it has just gone from bad to worse. It is just redicoulous. I hope to be in another vehicle by the time the warranties on this one runs out with them or hopefully be able to find a reputable company to do business with in the future because I will never do business with Mr. Transmission again for as long as I live.

If I had the option for 0 stars I would have chosen it. I am very unhappy with services out of Spring Tx. They promised us a rental car and 1200 worth of work on our car that went from 1200 and a rental car to 2100 and no rental car. Then they took 1800 dollars from us prior to our vehicle needing to be done. Now the van has been done for two days, and they promised that they would pick up my boyfriend to get to the car since they towed it and we had no way to get it. For two days we have been bumming rides to work hoping our van would get here when they say it will. Today I personally called the shop twice the first time the person I spoke with said that they would be here around lunch to return the car at about 3 I called again when they hadn't shown up and the man Scott, said that he wasn't sure if his guy should come at four and get stuck in traffic or not and said that he was going to visit his mother in pasedina so they would bring the van at 7:15 so they didn't have to fight traffic. So now I have to be at work at 7 am and my boyfriend was stuck once again without a way home from work when we expected someone to drop off our van. This is unacceptable and I have given all of our contact numbers. There is no excuse for this. We have four kids and two jobs to get back and forth to. Completely unacceptable.


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