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fake coupon

Mountain mike has good pizza. But the have misleading coupons. They offer a family meal deal for 19.99, pizza, soda and bread sticks, plus tax. This use to come out to 21.98. Now you are charged for each item individually. This 19.99 coupon now cost 24.83 at pick up. They have found a way to charge you more for the same thing. False advertising.

Wonderful weekend employees

What a beautiful refreshing change. The employee that took my order over the phone was so professional and kind. Then the person who delivered was as well. This store in 95828 area is an true exception to most pizza stores. They actually VALUE the customer. I can tell you that compared to Round Table, this store is a 10+, compared to Round Table a -0. Thank you Mountain Mike's for CARING and serving us well!!

Mountain Mikes Lacks Customer Service

We ordered a pizza at the location in Galt, CA. We had to wait 45 minutes for the pizza. No explanation or apology were given for the long wait. The staff person was not rude, just dishonest and disingenuous. When questioned about the 45 minutes it took to produce the pizza, he said, "oh, it was that long?" Lousy customer service, and from reading other reviews, it seems like this is a trend with Mountain Mikes.

Terrible service

I ordered a pizza a few minutes ago and apparently had the wrong location. I did the online ordering and when the guy called me back to let me know and said he can't refund my money till tomorrow!!! I never heard of such a thing. I ordered from someplace else but what if I didn't have enough money to order since my $30.00 was being held up? Not only that, but I have to remember and take MY time to call corporate office in order to get my refund!! I will NEVER order from this place again. Bad enough I am from Las Vegas and can't find any good New York pizza here in sacramento but now I am positive ill wait to get back home to have pizza.....what a joke!

I wish I could rate a zero I got my pizza after an hour in half and it was cold the sauce was lumpy and cheer unmelted like the pizza wasnt even cooked more warmed up

Police Station Pizza is great. The crust is unlike ahnintyg I've ever had, plus just watching the guys take orders is a great show. I haven't heard about a Police Station Pizza in Robinson, but a few years ago they opened one in Zelienople. Frank's pizza, also in Ambridge, is delicious as well, but in a different way. It's round pizza from fresh crust they spread by hand in front of you. Their sauce is the best I've ever had. It tastes like fresh tomatoes. They also use thick cut pepperoni. Yum.

The manager from mountain mikes, Manteca California is just plain rude!! Her name is Lavleen, after dropping our large specialty pizza! She had no remorse or apologies ! And brought us a small pizza to make up for what she dropped! What a joke! Never again will I be going there!!

Hi. I would like to share an experience w/ you.The sign reads "Mountain Pizza" the word Mikes has been removed but the sign is the same sign used by the other MM Pizzas that we are familiar with.All of the listings in phone books and Internet refer to this place as "Mountain Mikes Pizza" in Camino, Ca. This is Mountain pizza in Camino California. Owner Wally C. Worst service ever.Huge,uninviting sign on door reads.."bathrooms are for paying customers ONLY." Understanding Policies,My husband bought a soda..got the key to the men's room and headed to the bathroom.When I asked for the key to the women's for myself and 3 toddlers,I was refused unless I made a yet another purchase!!! Frustrated and wanting to avoid any accidents on the floor, I agreed to buy another soda after I got my 3 girls to the potty. I explained my husband had the $$ and my purse was in the car(hands were full w/ children). The waitress's reply"nope,have to ring ya up first hon!" I was angry and told the lady it was horrible service,especially as my husband had just made a purchase soley for the purpose of using the restroom.The Owners were terribly rude& and instantly became confrontational. Both Wally C. & the tall blond raised their voices and actually yelled at me while my children were standing next to me.They were loud enough to draw the attention of 2 male friends traveling w/us. Our friends came to the door asap,shocked at this man & woman yelling while our children stood right there w/ us. We learned Wally's favorite phrase is "big friggan Deal"We went next door to Subway where they were more than happy to let our kids use the restroom!It is no wonder the place was completely empty! Customer service is very important for small business intoday's failing economy. If this truly is a Mountain Mikes Pizza,Corporate should explain to them that their actions unfortunately,reflect on all MM Pizza's in Ca. Sincerely,Kat H

hello im am here to complain about an owner Hyoushar (Nick) Delami of Mountain mikes Vallejo, California 972 D of Admiral Callaghan plaza. i have worked here for half a year and have been treated horrible. i do not get paid minimum wage no one does i have not recieved any pay for training i have come on many days off to work because there is never a complete staff there he is always firng people and having people quit. he does not maintnence his machines if the mixer isnt broke then the oven and or make table is he is very unprofessional. he has also docked alot of hours on mine and others paycheck. like i said ive come on many days off wen i was already working a six day week. we do not get paid for over time. he is not not running his buisness professionally and should be stopped. and the menus are falsely advertized.

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