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I purchased a Motorola H730 BT Headset in January 2011. I was given a rebate form to receive $25 back for this purchase. As of this date, it has been two months. The time frame is an issue but not as much as the inability to contact this company to follow up on it. Your website is most user unfriendly and the phone numbers on the sites do not address the issue you are calling about. Additionally, all you get are voice mails and they do not return the call. I will never buy another motorola product and will pass the word on to my other business constituents. Your customer service is terrible. I had thought about the company getting a contract with you but I can't get to simply talk to a representative, email or otherwise; and you have not honored your rebate offer. Please contact me at jbelcher998@yahoo.com in reference to this complaint and assistance with resolving this issue. Thank you.

I'm so disgusted with Motorola. About 7-8 months ago I went an purchased my first Android Smart Phone. Because i was new to this I picked out the cheapist A LG Ally. With the slower processor and the keyboard it's sound quality was terrific and everything worked as good as it should. But I wanted a faster phone So I went to Motorola. I decided to get a Droid 2. I brought a brand new one on craigs list I Immeditly heard a high pitch noise during radom calls. Since I didn't buy from Verizon I called Motorla. All they could do is fix it or send me a refribished phone. I decided to be an idiot and brought a droid 2 globle from Verizon That went back in one day due to the awful qudio quality in both speaker and ear piece. I exchanged it for a droid 2. That phone still had the high pitch noise (which means Motorola had a flaw in the design ( but was not willing to admit it.) So I decided to live with it. Lately I'm getting radom disconnects due to the placment of my chin and the internet is very slow. I went through Verison and got a Droid X a 2 days ago. I will never buy another Motorola product again. My first phone came with a krackling sound in the speaker. I immeditly went to the verizon store and got a replacemnt. While getting a replacment I just realised to make the volume in the ear piece lower I have to push both upper and lower volume key in in order to make the lower volume work. Later on I found an air can and blew out the ear piece speaker and that corrected to krackling sound. But I should not have to do this. Anyway my 2nd phone came in I'm still having the volume problem (which I never had on the droid 2) Other than this issue I like the phone so far. But I don't like that a company that manufacturs a phone with a design flaw will refused to take responsablity for it. or better yet will release a phone with these flaws Anyway I'm a few months away from my contract I think I'm going to get an HTC I've heard nothing but good things about the quality phones. of course I will get it from a third party vendor so I can avoid the worry free guarantee crap.

I bought two Motorola Devour phones in December and they have both had major issues with shutting off and delivering messages, sometimes a full twenty four hours later. I notified Verizon and they sent me two new phones. As soon as we got them activated, the one phone shut off and the other followed suit within hours. I called Verizon back and they said it was the battery, so they sent us two new batteries. We installed those and still the phones drop calls and shut off by themselves. I called Motorola and was on hold for over one hour trying to talk to a supervisor because they want me to send my phones in and be without a phone for at least five to seven days business days after they receive them. While I was on hold for an hour (disconnected twice- their error, I was on my mothers phone) I went on the forum they so proudly advertise to see what kind of tips I could find for my phone and discovered that people have been complaining about the same issues with the Devour for over eight months. Not just a few people, scores of people just like me and still they insist on us going without a phone for over a week while they analyze my particular Devour phone and find out what the problem is. Are they kidding? I asked what they had found with the other people over the last eight months and the supervisor had the nerve to tell me that she hadn't heard of any complaints about the Devour. Time to move to a new manufacturer I believe. I will check into some other brands and read the reviews on their phones, there has to be a company who takes pride in their product and cares about customer satisfaction.

Hi, Any one can assist me, I need Motorola office location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Is any dealer or agetn for Motorola, please let me know. My mobile+ 96654 5432622 email: tranship_aa@yahoo.com

Hi Motorola. Whoever read this mail I have made a strong complaint request you to read carefully and see that to attend on priority to listen the prospect Motorola customer grievances, I buy Motorola with confidence and trust I was using Motorola when I was out of India that attracts me to continue though Motorola was out of market in this part of the world for quite some time, I was fasinated with Milestone and I bought here in Bangalore India for 400usd, my handset giving me problem as its getting too hot and battery last not even half a day though I hardly use cos' I use more Blackberry, I called 15 days back to report a complaint they revert me back after 3 days asking again the problem I sent them one more email for that I got reply after 6 days they mention they will solve the handset problem within 20 days can you imagine this is the plight buying a Motorola and meanwhile I called one of the No' on the website to head quarter USA one person by name Kim attended my call the no' is +18006686765 though the details given almost the call got hang up very surprising Motorola cannot afford to reply my call as I have given my contact no' well its pain full experience I have to go through, my only soberly demand to change my hand set which is still under warranty if this not happen I will take care the rest and I will see how good you flourish your market share, my email ID attigundi@yahho.co.in I will wait a favorable reply Thanking you Warm Regards Syed Pasha

Customer By Web Form (RICK KREKLAU)02/28/2011 05:04 PM I recieved my z9 celphone back from your company and I 'm Very upset with this company . My phone was sent into you in it purchased box it came in and another box and it was also in bubbled wrap. . You sent back to me phone saying the phone was a abused which it never was Not a scatch on it display is excellent . But You can send my phone back to me in a small box but could still move around and in a fed ex bag. No Bubble wrap NOT PROTECTED Why??????. The phones back was off like you opened and threw it in the box . Sure we did get it to snap back on . BUT I want to know did you just open the back and deside you didn't want to fix it and throw it in the box or was it done in shipping?????? I would Like to file a claim for abuse to my phone on Motorola and FexEx. This was My property and You Abused it . It wasn't Your right to be abuse it . I sent it Safe bubble wrap insurance on and You send to my little box that it could flip flopping around not safe and a plastic bags . You should have treated it as your own Not Junk . It still is mine Property . I exspect and rebuilded phone of the same or 119.99. I'm also going to send to BBB. and report this abuse. Why can you abuse my phone ?

i bought a droid x from verizone left it in my car on a friday night the temp was in the low 70 in the glocement dept. and the glass broke. i had the phone for a week verizone tolld me to file in on my insurance, That a hundred dollar ded. i also got the same respond from motorola. i wouldnt mind if it was a older phone having it for one week and breaking that easy ia not right. i will never buy another motor

hi ihank you i want to have the fax number of motorola corporate headquarters

My namne is Shelicia from Gall and Gall. We are a National Background Screening Firm. We went through the Work Number to try verify past employment the applicant worked there from 1995-1996 and was not found in the automated system. Do you have a corporate fax number that we can try to fax our request to? I can be reached at 1-800-759-4255 ext 251. Thank you,

Phone number is incorrect. It goes to a fax number. I presume this is because they don't want to talk to angry customers (owners of Droid X) phones due to the poor quality and high failure rate.

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