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I rolled over my 401-K into an investment with Morgan Keegan 3 years ago when I retired (Chattanooga, TN office). I have had an unresolved issue with them ever since. Every monthly statement I receive is "WRONG" and they tell me it is a computer glitch they cannot fix and that every customer receives incorrect statements. I find this unacceptable and have talked with Kellye Phillips, Wendy Baubach, and written a letter to John WIlson who did not even answer it. Kellye told me about the upcoming merger with Raymond James and that I should wait until that happens and perhaps their statements will be correct. I stated in my unanswered letter that how this was handled would decide whether or not I continue to invest with Morgan Keegan. Kellye said she understands yet the comoputer glitch causing this problem cannot be fixed and she couldn't do anything further for me. I find it incredibly hard to believe that a huge company like Morgan Keegan cannot resolve a computer glitch that sends their customers incorrect statements. I would appreciate your interest and reply to my situation and I am hopeful that you care enough to help me.

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