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buzzzzz life

yeaaaah moster im in a monster buzzz right now it is amazing you should make one that is cherry limade. my favorit is the monster java


your logo is completely offensive and your product tastes horrible. so why do so many people drink it? why is it taking up more real estate in stores than any other energy drink which is better than monster. your product does nothing more than offend christians and promote satan. you should be ashamed - not to mention getting kids hooked on energy drinks. like camel .. your evil.


i think monster is the best energy drink made in the united states. my favorite flavor would be the green monsters because they give off so much flavor and texture. thank you for making such delicious energy drinks. i couldn't ask for anythign more.


I LOVE MONSTER! i was up to drinkining about 15 a day then my doctor told me i need to stop drinking them the way i did. but that didnt stop me i till drink them non stop they are so addicting i love it

new idea

i love monsters like no other person. but maybe you should make 12oz monsters that can be sold in a 6pack called the diablo pack with 1 of each flavor

Monster Drinks

Why don't you put the 32 FL.oz. Monster Energy Drinks in ever Wal-Mart stores in ever state.......I'am a big fan of your Monsters and i buy them by the casese ,and i only see the 32fl.oz.in 3 stores sofore here in Lincolnton ,NC !!! keep up the good job,my # 1 energy drink tyou.

The new cuba- lima is the best . Unleash the best

Love monster more then any other energy drink on the market, you should put out an energy drink with natural sugars and no sucralose tho thats the only way i could think of making it better, 5 stars your products are awesome!

If you got a email to be paid to put a carwrap ad on your car and would get paid each week for it. It is a fraud.I contacted Monster and they confirmed it. Do not deposit the check they give you.

I was wondering if you could make a pink monster for breast cancer

Curse you for creating a monster java irish cream blend addict. Want to see someone get upset? Watch me as my local store runs out. Thanks for keeping me hooked

I was wandering if i got a monster tattoo would i get any promotional stuff for the aadvertisment that the tatti gets you? Please email me on alfieduff@hotmail.co.uk Thanks Jake

Impressive brain power at work! Great anwesr!

I don't know if this will count as an entry because I'm wrtinig about a book that I want to read. That book is Silver Phoenix.Marked by the immortals,Rejected for betrothal,Ai Ling faces terrible evil,Soul stealing enemies.Mythical demons stalk her,While she hunts for her father,By chance Chen Yong appears,Their fates have interwined.But can she defeat her foes?Will she save her father?Will Chen Yong fulfill his mission?What will be her decision?Read Silver Phoenix to see Ai Ling's vision

Hey I was just wondering are any of you guys getting responses? just wondering thanks! BTW MONSTER is well um BEAST!!!

I love the product and I'm sending your office a video, I would love to do a commercial. Thanks Zack the drummer

I wanted to no what your symbol means? Is it true that the letters are Hebrew?I looked at them and they looked like it .Was this done on purpose?The unleashing the beast statement,what does that mean?I know alot of teenagers drink that stuff but i tell you now that this is not just fun and games wow to you who want to mark your body up read the bible before its to late .you have a choice to make Jesus and heaven or satan and hell not a party but torment forever in real flames!

To Whom It May Concearn: A new side effect needs to be added to your bottle label: consumer may experience seeing mythical creatures such a unicorns. Please add this as soon as possible. -Sir Mike Mike of Pink A-Lot

I was wondering if it is true that if we drive a car with your logo then you will buy the car and pay for it is this true?

Hi i was looking at getting your monster energy logo tattooed on my chest and was looking at if your company pays for sponsering your product on my body and i was also looking into see if your company will pay me to post your logo on my car my email is iimfallen@gmail.com look forward to hearing from you thanks for your time.

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