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I just left the Village Inn on N. Dale Mabry near Waters Ave. thinking I was going to eat at least a half decent Thanksgiving meal with my brother. The food wasn't anything special, just the same 'ol cafeteria-like turkey meal served through the week. The dressing was worse the horrible and the meal was delivered to us cold. We had to ask for it to be reheated. Plus, the pumpkin pie that came at the end was just plain pie, with not a smidgen of whipped cream, which we had to ask for. Then, when I paid the bill some childlike girl asked from me $6.00 more than what my bill was. I asked her to please do her arithmatic again. As it is, I will never recommend this restaurant to anyone. It is among the worst you will find in Tampa. A refund I feel I deserve, as well as my brother. Please send them via my email at dbrayshaw@tampabay.rr.com

Where is the old crew???Asfar as I see as a patron of this store under the present management the store just keeps going down the pastrys don't seem fresh and the maneger Angela is always yelling complaing and as far as I see it all the other regulars are taking there money else where.As so will I.This is a coffe shop were you go to relax not to hear and see humiliation and ego trips,Some one really needs to put this young lady in her place.I hope some one does something,The old crew is gone abunch of friendly happy kids and now well needless to say I don't think these new kids will be there long either and neither will my business.

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