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sales associate

I worked in Canada and found the experience of setting up the store a bad way for employees to start a job. I was extremely hard to do racking up and down ladders etc. I left the job after 3 days. After 1 month I still have not received a pay from this company.

smelly bathrooms and dogs always in store

Bathrooms at a so cal michaels smell like a sewer. Supposedly something was leaking and was fixed, but its smelled like that for years...and still does after the fix. Also manager allows dogs in store and carts. That is disgusting and filthy. Michaels sells food products for baking - ewww! And kids sit in carts too! No dogs please!

I'm a former employee of Michaels and its not a good place to work. At the store I worked at it wasn't mopped for almost two months and it was filthy dirty. Plus it wasnt straightened at all and things would be out of place and customers would find things in sale or clearance bins that shouldnt have beenthere. The lines were always long andyou have to wait on the phone for 8 minutes before a manager would answer. We never had enough people for each shift and had virtually no training. I never got that many hours which made it even harder to want to work there.

Changes need to be made at all Michaels Stores

I live in Rancho Santa Margarita Ca and shop at the Michaels store in Foothill Ranch. In todays economy Michaels needs to give back to the people who helped keep their doors open. They do not honor expired 40 % off coupons like Bed Bath and Beyond does which keeps me coming back to that store. The lines are always long and there are never enough checkers so the customers have to wait. The employees are not polite or helpful. They are rude and really don't care about you. This type of store deals with all different types of people the employees should know the inventory and the store manager should make sure that the inventory is well stocked. It's awful that it's not just one store but it seems all the Michael store are the same. Maybe we need to find other places to spend our money and see that they need to give back not just take.


I cannot believe that yesterday, Michael's put a limit on the hours within the day to use a coupon. It was ridiculous! I unfortunately didn't read the whole top of the coupon never thinking since it was already limited to one specific day that Michael's would also limit it to certain hours to get the discount. Needless to say, Michael's lost over $300 in goods I was purchasing and I will order on-line. Terrible customer service!!!

Atitude Usually Starts At The Top

With the way our financial economy has risen these days, customer service plays a big role in the stores I pick to shop in. Since the opening of Michael's new store in Bayonne, New Jersey approximately a year ago, I have earned a "Gold Card". That in itself should give you an idea how much money I have spent in this store. On several (approximately 6-7) occassions, I have emailed Michael's requesting to be put on their email mailing list to no avail. My sister sends me her coupons and flyers from California; and she does not even have a "Gold Card". All I keep getting from Michael's is an email in return which is assigned a number and I am told the matter will be investigated and will take approximately two weeks to resolve. For heavens sake people, has someone forgot to look at a calendar lately, we do live in an electronic age. My request for mailings should simply be no more that a push of a button and the addition of my email address to a data based system. We are not building the World Trade Center . Business now-a-days has to have an edge to survive; and I believe it is customer service. And if that attitude does not start at the top with management and trickle down to it's staff, YOU WILL LOOSE CUSTOMERS. LOOSING CUSTOMERS MEANS SOMETHING VERY SIMPLE, LOOSING $$$$$$$$$$$$. May I suggest you open your eyes to your business tactics. Sincerely, Diane

I work for Michaels as a part time floral designer. I take my job very seriously and am always ready to help anyone with their crafting needs. I have a degree in Art and am formally trained as a floral designer. I learned my craft of sales rep. back in the early sixties when our soul purpose was to take care of customer needs. Believe me, I know exactly what many of you are saying here because even I as an employee have similar problems with management and the store policies. Michaels says they want to be a world class store but from what I see they have made some really bad choices when it comes to managing their stores etc.If you want to become a world class corporation the first thing you need to do is find some world class management.

Two of my daughters worked at micheals in southern ca. Did you know that my daughter received a 9 cent raise one year and hasn't had a raise since in two years! You wonder why these employees struggle to be sincere? They suck the life out of you! You never know how many hours you might get the next week. You cant buy a car or plan for the future because you might work 4 days one week and one day the next week! And their own HR dept they have call India!!! The employee website doesn't work half the time a d you can't access your payroll stub! Unreal! So classic corporate America! So sad for the working class poor!

I love that we have a Michael's store nearby, but I have to admit, I don't shop there very often. I got my first sewing machine last Christmas, and I've used it so much more than I expected - nearly every day! The nearest Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, or Hancocks is a 30 minute drive, yet I find myself driving up there 2-3 times per week just to buy thread! Since I've made such a long trip, I typically buy any craft supplies I need at the Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's while I'm there. Michael's is five minutes away from my home! If the Michael's carried sewing thread and even a very small assortment of cotton solids and prints, I would literally live in your store. As it is, I've spent at least $500 on sewing and craft supplies this year (not including the cost of the sewing machine). If Michael's carried even the most basic sewing supplies, nearly all of that money would likely have gone to your store.

Location: San Antonio, Tx--Wonderland Mall----Took an item in purchased the week before, with receipt in hand. Never used the tool. Did not have my drivers license so they could not refund me. My sister was with me (she was the one who bought it for me originally as a birthday gift)--she had her license but they refused to accept our return. I was insulted and angry. I asked the manager for his name,,,,he would NOT give it to me. I told him for all the MONEY I spend often, I did not find this acceptable. He thought I cursed and said I could leave his store. THEN I called him an Asshole...especially if your not man enough to give a customer your name. His manager , Sam Keel was out to lunch. I left, got my refund from a different location but will go to Hobby Lobby first when spending all my craft loot.......UGGGGh,,,BRAD was a bad representation of good service. I got his name from another gal in the store and told "chicken" Brad goodbye clearly announcing his "secret" name......idiiot!

OK, I actually have a compliment to the San Antonio,Texas location out by Int 410....After swearing off Michaels from my last experience (Mgr Brad at Wonderland), I went to this particular location....service was GREAT! The evening manager was more than helpful,,,clerks would pass by and out of no where just ask if I was doing okay,,,,,did I need help? Finding everything OK?......really big difference in previous visits.......I don't know who sent out the memo but THANK YOU!!!!!

Hey Everyone,Just wanted to let you know that there are lots of new neeaklccs on the Circa1856.com site. Check em out and let me know what you think. Are there any requests out there for a certain kind of necklace or custom made pieces just for you or a loved one? Sign on and let me know. I love suggestions!!Anne

Yesterday I went to Michael's Craft Store located in Rehoboth Beach DE. I was making a large birthday card for my Mother's 70th birthday party. I was in there for over an hour gathering all of the necessary items and there was no sales associate to be seen other than the check-out area. I finished then waited in line to check out. I approached a scowling haggard cashier. I gave her my items and one of the items was a lavender paint. She rudely told me that I couldn't get this bottle because you needed to buy the set. I said that there were several bottles out individually and she just shook her head and continued to scan my items. I needed this particular item to complete this project so I said that I would look for it and come back. I had a hard time finding it so I came back to the line and explained that I didn't want to hold up the line so let the others go ahead of me. I finally found the paint, I needed a certain color and size. I came back and waited behind the customer being waited on. A line has formed when I was gone but she was holding my items so I went next. She snarled at me, gave me an attitude, and accused me of butting in line. She also accused me of holding up the line. I explained to her that I came back and told her to not to wait and I told her that she was holding my items. She was incredibly rude and embarrassed me in front of the other customers. I told her how I felt and I refused to buy anything from this Michael's as a result of her incredibly rude attitude from the get-go. I'm a very easy-going person and I've never encountered anything like this before. I went to Walmart and got my supplies there. The woman had long dirty blond hair, appeared middle aged, and was tall. Hopefully, she won't chase away more customers.

I was going to write to Michael's corporate offices to ask if they would consider putting a store in our area. The closest one is a 70 miles round trip so I have very rarely ever been in one. But after reading these comments I think I'll see if Hobby Lobby is interested in Citrus County, FL instead.

Gentlemen: Yesterday, I went into your store #1677 in Paramus, NJ, and since I newly picked up this needlepoint hobbit, I need someone to advice me what's needed to do it right? I looked for a Customer Service Desk but found none! Then tried to catch an employee's eye to ask questions, the ones that seem not occupied were trying not to notice me till I step right in front of one! I explain what I need help with, instead she told me to go an isle back of the store, I went there, confused at what to get I took a pack of Needlework, Lap Stand for Scroll Frames & went back to double check with her, but she wasn't around and I approached another. I asked this one to go back with me, then realize the scroll frame is not included in the pack & need get it separately. I bought them both, returning found the scroll frame too small for my needlepoint, and because she said once opened & used, its not returnable, I rushed back with the package asking for exchange of a large size but was refused, instead I bought the second larger one. My house to the store is 15 miles, with traffic on Route 4 & 17, it take 45 minutes each way, I rushed back within the hour to show it has not been used, still no one showed interest to help! this morning I assembled the scroll frame & the lap stand, then with tremendous difficulty putting in the needlepoint canvas, then found the frame & stand are so shoddy they're unusable!!! Now that I've 2 scroll frames & one lap stand, all unused & unusable, I look forward to Michaels Corporate Headquarters' suggestion as to what to do with them?

Irecently went to our Midwest City,Ok Michaels to purchase a floral design for my new home and was greatly disappointed. I was told that thier long time floral designer had been terminated and they have a new designer.The store in fact has a lot of floral designs however the quality is poor. I can easily glue flowers to a glass candle with large gobs of glue exposed and not pay 20+ dollars for it. Apparently the new designer has no concept of what the definiton of floral design is. I have purchased numerous custom designs from this store over the last 5 years but if what I have seen is an indication of what this store has to offer I will then no thank you.

Went to the Rego Park NY store#8785 this morning looking for a decorative flag. The first person I asked looked at me an said"HUH" when i repeated my question, she pointed vagualy to an area near the checkout. Whe I went there, I notice small garden flags, and asked another employee thge same question. She walked away from me and stood in the doorway of a room directing questions to a person. She then noticed me standing near her, and told me there weren't any flags available. I then asked her if they expected any to come in. She looked at me with aq blank expression and shrugged!! I then asked TWICE to speak to a manager, a man walked out of the room, closed the door behind him and asked me what my problem was!! I reminded him that I was acustomer, "So what" he replied, "I'm a person" he said. He told me that I had an attitude!!!! I'm a senior, and have shopped at Michaels for a number of years. I've noticed that there is a lack of basic manners, let alone an attempt at doing their job (that they are getting paid for) on the part of Michaels employees. Of note, I then went into Trader Joes-difference of night and day. Suggestion-Have one of Michaels "big shots" look into the difference between the both company's human resources and employee criteria. IMPROVEMENT CRITICAL or Michaels will be but a memory

I received coupons in my email 50% DISCOUNT for Friday 25th. I went from Banff to calgary Michaels SW (close to Ikea's area) to buy stuff there when I went to pay the girl told me total was $300- And I asked her how is possible? I have coupons of 50% discount, and 40% canvas, wedding 50% etc.. so she said "No it is just for ONE item each"... So I said are you cheating me, it is a joke? this is a lie!...when in canada there are people who do not read english very well MICHAEL's CAN NOT DO THIS. I feel you lie to me and I think this is a BAD business practice. I am very very disappointed.

After reading the other reviews of Michaels now I know why after endless phone calls of complaints none have been returned. The worst store to do business or take a class from. THis store gets a minus 0 rating from me!!!!!!!!!

Greedy company with lack of respect for their employees. Likes to lay off experienced help to hire new help for minimum wage. This is America not China, grow up. Yet another example of corporate greed. This company needs an overhaul, from the CEO down to the store managers, they all need to be fired and start over.

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