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They have been very helpfull with what I have needed.

Head Pins !!

I'm fed up with your vendor, Bead Landing, for sucking big time on their head pin components. I can't find any heads wide enough to hold half my beads. Tell them to widen the head pins or get a new vendor. Pissed as hell right now ! Other than that, I have no problem with Michael's as a retailer. I don't know where else to complain !


I have submitted a dozen times for coupons and tried to call you with no answer. Are you going out of business or think we the people are not important to talk to .

ex employee

Michaels is a terrible place to work. They treat their employees terrible, cut hours and expect the employees to be able to do everything with no help. Go to complaintboard.com to see further employee complaints. There are ALOT. Michaels has been sued numerous times because of how awful they are, dishonest, wasteful, and harrassing. DONT SHOP AT MICHAELS!

astounding assistance

My grandson (6) had been talking for weeks about making his dad a "companion keeper". Something to keep his daddy company that would remind him how much he loves him...I went to so many stores looking for the right thing. We went to Michael's and I very frustratedly asked the lady there for help. He got down on the little ones level and asked him what he wanted his special object to be like. With his input she was able to direct us to exactly the right place and he was thrilled w the special gift he was able to make his dad..thanks

shitty managers

I work for Michaels. The managmet sucks. They call you out in front of everyone, the store manger treats you like you are stupid of you don't know something. They constantly talk about the associates with each other. It's ridiculous.

always out of supplys

I went to Michaels in January 2014 to purchase artists paint brushes. When I got there they were almost all gone and I purchased a couple brushes. I went back to the store in May and guess what, NO BRUSHES and about two weeks later I went back and still NO BRUSHES. What are these people are they ennept that they really can't re-supply they're brushes? I guess I'll have to look for an alternative other than Michaels.

New Store

Would like to See A Michaels store in Bremerton, WA on the east side by Arby's restaurant there is land for sale. lots of people would like your store in this area. There is one in Silverdale, WA but you are lose people that live in Bremerton and Port Orchard WA, to far for them to go. Also their are building for rent and lease at Wheaton Mall By Kitsap Bank. Hope to see one come in 2014/


would like Michaels on east side of Bremerton, WA We have no Craft Store in this town.


The store in my area is not very good , They seem to not know or don't want to wait on me. I been shopping at Hobby Ho because they have a better variety in stamp,papers and they are friendlier and helpful.

I have a daughter who works at the Michaels in Richmond Virginia White oak shopping center an the managers there do nothing but walk around they are unorganized an very unprofessional

Who is scheduling for Porland store 9805?

I like working for 9805, but I am given only 1 day a week. I do not understand I am being punished for being a good co-worker?

I have been with Michaels for just over 14yrs. I've been fulltime 3 times and had 2 of those positions disappear because the company is cheap and didnt want to pay for fulltime employees. In the process, I also got 2 pay cuts. Now, I work replenishment, and I usually get anywhere between 15-22hrs a week. This time of the year, we should all be getting 25-28 hrs a week, but god forbid. Then management gets angry when stuff is not getting done. We also have to get our truck done in 5 1/2 hrs. Totally impossible this time of the year. Michaels is a joke...it was a much better company 12 yrs ago...much more employee friendly.

I loved working there when I started. I worked for 10 years. BUT no one from corporate wanted to know the truth about what when on in the stores ONLY what they wanted to hear. Being told not to tell the truth and then being in TROUBLE for do so was the reason I had enough. Even though I wish them well I am sad.

Antioch, CA Store

Everytime I go into this store there is always a long line. Today 2 registers were open and there were at least 4 people roam around in the cash register area. The line was about 20 people deep. All really upset with this customer service. This is very poor management. The cashier's that were open were pleasant, but I am sure they were tired of getting complaints. If there was another store close I would never go to Michaels.

A clean store

Cats and Dogs are allowed in the store and in carts. This is not sanitary unless they are going to be sterilized. Babies ride in these carts. This is not good for people with allergies and asthma. Also, scented pine cones that come in xmas. They should be bagged. My grandson is 9 years old and he highly allergic to dogs. He is not allowed in the store. A sign that says no dogs or cats. That simple. No reason for people to get sick. The company wants to keep its employees well. Strong smells can cause bronchitis.


What is happening? Associates who have been loyal to the company for years are now relegated to one shift per week...one cannot possibly survive much less pay for gas to show up for one three hour shift...while new hires are getting multiple shifts...also new management is very disrespecful to us...once friendly now not so much...talking to us as though we don't know anything...Sadness...as we really did like our jobs. What do you suggest?

Summer Air Conditioning

We went in this morning to shop. There was absolutely no difference between the outside humidity and heat in the Michael store. It was horrible. Both my husband and me had to quit shopping and go somewhere else to shop. So I guess if you like to sweat, get sick to your stomach, start a headache from the heat then Michaels would be your store.

Poor service

I left Michaels mad once again. Long lines nasty attitude from sales people, no management to be seen. I think I shall shop other craft stores where I have more positive experiences.

Fundraiser Donation

I am a preschool teacher in Boca Raton Florida at a non-profit Christian school. I, as well as probably every teacher in town, have shopped at Michaels for craft supplies since they opened the store here about 15 years ago. Our school is organizing our annual fundraiser with each class putting together a gift basket to be auctioned off. Our basket is going to be a child's easel with all kinds of art accessories. When I approached the assistant manager I was told I needed to contact Michaels' headquarters to request a donation. All I was asking for was a small donation of crayons or markers, paper, etc. I find it hard to believe that the store manager does not have the authority to make a small donation to help the very people/organizations that keep you in business. I like to support local businesses but I think it's only fair for them to give back to the community as well. I am very disappointed in Michaels.

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