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What to do when they don't play your claim

By law, each insurance company has x amount of days to pay a claim or be fined. If you find this is not happening, contact your Department of Insurance in your State and file a complaint with the Commissioner of Insurance. I've done it and it does work.

Metlife Dental -Worst Dental Insuracne that I ever had

I have significant tooth decay problems with prior bout with oral cancer and decreased saliva flow. This company is the worst that I have ever had in my 69 years. They Recently denied a claim for bogus reason that crown was less than five years old when reviewer knew crown was over ten years old. You are at the mercy of dental consultants who manage Metlife's financial bottom line without adherence to policy provisions of the carrier.

Long Term Care

MetLife has been horrible. Have been trying to get the long term insurance claim approved for over 2 months and still going on. They don't call back when you leave a message, and good luck trying to get a supervisor.

long term care billing

wish I was not doing business with these folks. my wife died in jan and I let metlife know twice. they sent bills for her and my annual premiums in april. I promptly paid mine. still have the cancelled check. they applied the funds to the account of my wife who had been dead for two months. cannot get resolution so I guess if I need long term care I am out of luck.

Worst service ever

Long story short, I have a reoccuring illness that i have to file claims with metlife through my work. I have always had issues but this time. I called to open claim it was not opened after calling and being called a liar they reviewed the call and finally opened it, NO apology for not doing their job. Then after 2 weeks of calling the case manager she finally calls back and tells me it is denied because i have no illness but my fmla was approved and i have gone out for this before. Very rude and these people seem to be imcapable of doing their job. This has caused so much stress in my life i cannot seem to get better due to this.

forgery , fraud and cheats

Avoid this company!!! I filled out application and signed it then that application was not the one turned in because the application turned in was not information I filled out , not my writing and my name was forged on many documents by my agent at time (exwife) and then the forgery was witnessed by another agent in metlife office. So a policy I paid for did not have me listed as the owner so I could not change the beneficiary and or get cash value off product. I needed the use the money to pay billls and lost my house over this. I called metlife charlotte left message and they did nothing. I called the metife fraud line in NYC I believe at 800-462-6565 and i'm waiting on return call. I lost all money I put in that grew cash value I could use plus my death benefit of $500k that was to take care of my kids. So when you need insurance or investments avoid them because an agent with there series 6/63 , 7 and life & health licenses can not forge anyones name even if it's there husbands etc. no matter what and if metlife knows of this forgery and does nothing about this costing me personally thousands and my kids a ton of $ in financial security they obviously will cheat anyone and use there billions of dollars to cover up andcheat anyone

Metlife is a deadbeat

Metlife owes me over $3000 reimbursement for dental claims for me and my dependent for procedures done 8 month ago. They don't deny it, they claimed they sent checks some time 8 months ago. Long time ago they cancelled them as lost in the mail. But they won't reissue the checks. I've been calling them for months and getting runarounds and promises to issue checks, send checks, claims that they did sent them, corrections that they didn't, promises to send them, etc. Their numerous supervisors have been promising to call me back, straighten it in a week or so, but they never did anything. They basically have been lying for month and just won't pay money they owe me. If possible, never do any business with Metlife.

Disability Insurance

Many years ago, I purchased two life insurance policies; the 10 Guarantee term. In 10 years, I called the company to cease payments because the 10 years were up. They said, "We're sorry, due to the economy...." I couldn't afford to pay on the policies for an additional 10 years, so I had to cash them in and I got thousands of dollars less than all the premiums I paid into them. I also had disability insurance and I went out on disability six years ago. At that time, I was incapable of filling out the numerous paper work because of the disability and this past summer, I attempted again. After five months review, they said they didn't find me disabled at all. They refused to look at the whole picture and was fixated only on certain hospitalizations. Well, you were only hospitalized twice... and I said, what about the prolonged treatment before, during, and after the hospitalizations. There's a whole lot more to this story that I won't go into. I am so ANGRY.

We have long term disability insurance with met life through a group insurance policy with Robert Bosch LLC. In March Paul was diagnosed with a terminal cancer; His social security disability was finally approved and set to begin in October. We received his MetLife disability payment in September and notified them that his SSD benefits would begin in October. Today October 23, 2012 MetLife notifed him that they were taking baking the September payment as an over payment because he received social security benefits, when in fact he did NOT and has not! Their customer service department was rude and told us they do not have supervisors and wanted to take the $1356.00 in one payment from his SSD living us with nothing to live on for the month of October 2012. Ladies and Gentleman please note do not get MET it certainly DOES NOT PAY!

They got to tatally change! Customer Service stinks badly and I had a customer Service rep be very rude and just about swear at me. I will join anyone wanting to take a class action lawsuite on this company.

When my mother died, it took me 3 months, 8 phone calls asking what was holding things up (with transfers to several offices in different cities) and 2 faxes to MetLife of information they should have had in their files to finally issue checks to the beneficiaries of my mother's life policy. During this time, they told us we weren't beneficiarys, they mailed duplicate forms, they finally paid it but out wrong (leaving out a beneficiary) then demanded that we all return the checks. Every time I talked to them I had to start over from the very beginning. At the end of every conversation I asked for specifics on what the person was going to do and for them to call me back when they did it -- and I never got a return call. They required original policies, certified death certificate, etc etc etc. By comparison another insurance company simply asked what funeral home was handling the arrangements and that was all they needed. I hate MetLife and would not insure thru them if they were the last company on earth.

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Worst company I have ever dealt with for customer service. You can`t even get a person when you call using the number on your card which you print from the internet. When you call to get an address to write a complaint you get a PO box not the fancy suite on Park Ave. I would never recommend this company base don my own personal experience, comments listed above and expereinces related to me by other people.

Actually they get no stars.....I have had to jump through hoops with my disability claim and now with the overpayment dept. I am reporting them to the BBB and Atty General in my state

I have been dealing with this nightmare for the last 2 months. I have a short term disability claim with Metlife. I have been off of work since March/2012 for herniated disk ans nerve damage. When I orginally started claim I was denied because of "depression"?? I was shocked because my illiness was back/leg pain. The "case mgr" had read someone elses medical files and did my claim based off another patient info... STRIKE 1!!. After having to call my dr and see why they would do such a thing I learn that they had faxed 2 other patients info to Metlife and that Metlife was reading another patients files, not bothering to see if social's or names matched. After several calls it was corrected. Then I returned back to work 1 day in May and was back out again because of same problems. I was advised that it wouldnt be an issue and that they would just continue my current claim. Well my dr's sent medical info in May and once again info not read I wa denied. After callng my dr's office and learned what was actually sent. I called and informed Metlife and they acknowledged their mistake and stated that "its not their job to search my medical files for answers"..Wow. So instead of just correcting it they have asked for my dr to resend notes and now 2 months waiting the now want to know how Im reacting at dr visits and my degree of pain..I have been without pay for 2 months now. I then forward complaint to corporate thinking that there would be a resolution for them t only forward my complaint to the same person that HAS NOT been doing their job!!! She the "Unit Mgr" has stated that she is not calling my dr that they need to call her she left "a msg" a week ago..lol I am so shocked and applaud at Metlife. I honestly thought they had had better service and customer service. So we are at month 2 and day 2 since filing with corporate. Lets see how long this new chapter to this nightmare will continue.....

I am a realtor - My client was enrolled for a short sale - She owed 105k principal balance, and 113k total with penalties and fees - We received a very fair offer of 100K on the short sale (house in rough shape - needs roof, basement leaks, needed all new flooring - Metlife, not only didn't take the fair offer (houses rehabbed in neightborhood were going for 124k and 128k) - Metlife countered us at 131K in writing which in more that my client owed!!! They blamed fannie mae - we called fannie mae and were told that Metlife had absolute authority to accept the offer - We filed complaints with two other government agencies and are still waiting for an outcome - I do not believe they have an appraisal with that value - Ethics is supposed to be number one rule in busines, Metlife foreclosed on my client and gave back to fannie mae -(costing us taxpayers) and now fannie put all new carpet, paint, fixtures and repaired house - (over 10k in repairs - house now listed 111K just proving that our offer was fair - wasted three peoples time - not to mention driving our economy down since none of us got paid - only the bank made out on this one!!!

I agree with the posts above worst company I have ever dealt with They tell me I will get a packet in the mail soni can collect on the Claim they owe me and it has been a month and a half now. I agree They are idiots but they are not keeping my money.

Don't do business with MET LIFE. When you need them they raise your premiums. Can't get a straight answer regarding policy coverage and for how long - only answer is raise your rates to a level you cannot afford. Met Life hopes you will go away and they will not have to live up to the policy. They sold us a bad product in 1991 - and now no one will even discuss it with policyholder because they do not want to get into it. Just write another letter and plead your case - this is their answer. Agents in local office will not talk about it and refer us to Customer Relations - lot of good that will do. They just keep sending larger premium notices. Take your life insurance cash value and run away with it while you can because they will keep taking the value for "administrative costs" and blame it on the economy and low interest rates.

I wouldn't give this company a 1 star rating if zero was an option. I work in the dental industry (orthodontics) and this is the worst insurance company I deal with. I have been calling every couple of weeks trying to get a claim from January of this year paid. Every time I call I get told a different story and that they will process the claim in 10-15 biz days. Today when I asked for a supervisor (also escalated it last time I called) I got the same person I talked to the last time I called. She said she didn't talk to me. I told her that it was in my notes that I had put on our patient's chart. She pretty much called me a liar. I'm sure our patients have to pay their premiums. I don't see why insurance companies continually get away with ripping people off. My grandson has a T-shirt that says CSI across the chest in big letters. Then underneath that it says, "Can't Stand Idiots" Going to go out and buy a case of these T-shirts and mail them to MetLife. Their slogan should be, "we are idiots"

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