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I have had bi monthly service with Merry Maids in Las Cruces, NM for SEVERAL years. However, as of the 1st of Jan 2011 I have cancelled that service. I have given them many chances to improve their services, but each time they leave, I find streaks on the stainless steel appliances, and worse!!! on the hardware floors. they had not cleaned behimd the doors, cleaned under the beds, and vacuumed only in the middle of the rooms. (to mention only a few lapses) Now they have raised their rates. If they cleaned professionally, I would not mind the raise, but I am tired of having to remop the floors to remove the streaks. I have called the office, but no one has every come out to check the work .

Interview, was disrupted when the staff member shorted at one of the prospect employees, asking, "have you ever been here before, you look failure. " When upon entering the office, a Gentleman, I supposed, Owner, was standing with the front staff, wearing shorts, not a professional business out fit. The end interview is, a one one, the staff member was unprofessional, when she stared me in the eyes hard, using that as an intimating tool, job harassment, bulling tactic. Very unprofessional. Anyone with an education in business management, law, HR education, and EEOC, laws, say, this act is unprofessional and unwanted. Shows the business side of the company, called the termites that eat away at the business. Said, Owner of business, if, wearing shorts, came into the office from outside, shouting, "I back!" Good thing I have worked for Quality Company's. Pick your employer. I don't pick them, Mary Maids, in the North West.

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