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I work for an Electronic Waste Co. called Decommissioned Downstream in San Marcos, CA. I am trying to get our company to be your EWASTE Vendor. I was told that you need to get Insurance Certified to do business in the San Diego Building on B Street, How do I get a hold of the BIG BOSS. Please reply to my email at donnams035@aol.com. Thank You. How do i accomplish that???? 858-598-3301 is our business line.

Do not ever get a mortgage through Bank of America because Merrill Lynch does teh processing and underwritting and it is a BLACK HOLE that no one seems to be able to pull you out of. They need have Dodd Franck that our Government is putting into place for more Problems. I do not think ML and BOA understand Dodd Franck and they sell their mortgages to Fanny Mae so they need to make sure they are corect. Fire them all and get one smart person.

WOW!! Working for an entire different financial firm makes me very happy that I don't work for Merrill Lynch. With reviews like this, I'm surprise they get any business at all. SAD, SAD, SAD.....and I agree, they should be ashame to not have quality service for their customers !! People who are having problems getting info from them may want to consider going to a brokerage firm and letting them help you. Sometimes working a one-on-one with these big companies can be frustrating. Good Luck to ALL !!

Ditto and more to what everyone has said...disfunctional, inept, bound up in red tape. I would never willingly deal with this miserable company again. To think that peopole have entrusted their life savings to this group of morons is unthinkable.

My name is Mrs. Samantha Shield and I am writing on behalf of my grandfather, Charles Lee Brown. His DOB 8/23/1923. His social security #428-42-3723. He recently passed away, and also he worked for Stokely Van Camp %Quaker Oates. He made me the beneficiary of this. I was told by Fidelity that I needed to contact your agency to see if he had anything with your company. He worked from 1974 - 1983. I tried to call on Friday, and I spoke with someone who told me he would send me out a beneficiary package. But when I gave him the dates of service, he spoke with his supervisor and the supervisor told him not to. He also to me that your system only goes back 7 years. I told him that I understood that he could not see the information but, I was sure that it is on microfiche. He refused to help me. I spoke with him approximately 5:30 pm Central Time. I would like for someone to research this information. My email address is shieldss@att.net. Thank you for your time in this manner.

Going thru hell now with my late uncle's trust. Merrill Lynch is draining the trust and all I get is the round around. Lie after lie. They are collecting nearly $3000 a month to "manage" the trust. They do not keep us up to date. They are dragging their feet to keep the money in their company. Don't know why anyone would trust them!! If you have business with them...get out now! Don't know when the beneficiaries of this account will see any of their money! Makes me sick! They are definately taking advantage of the seniors, especially in florida! I agree...SHAME ON YOU!!!

merril lynch is the most rediculous firm anyone can ever do business with...all they do is lie and eat your money....i would never recomend this firm to anyone....people there are tns of firms that charge low fees and dont eat your money like ML does....they are very irresponsible and rude..

Merrill Lynch and Wal-Mart were recently sued and fined $13.5 Million for excessive fees. Merrill Lynch will be paying $10 Million of that amount. In talking to one former ML rep. and other brokers, I've been told that ML is notoriously far more difficult to deal with than other firms anytime you want to close out or liquidate your accounts with them. In settling my uncle's estate, it took me nearly a year (with a tremendous expenditure of time and frustration to get them to turn over the funds to the heirs). Moreover, ML absolutely insists that all transfer paperwork signatures be certified by a Signature Medallion (which you must get from a bank official and most banks either do not offer them or are reluctant to do them.) I for one, cannot understand why Wal-Mart or any other company for that matter would want to subject their employees to any firm that cares so little about the concerns of its customers.

From working in the brokerage industry for twenty years approximately, I have a solution or explanation for most of the concerns posted. First financial advisers are commissioned based sales people who typically have rather limited knowledge and experience in the industry especially Merrill Lynch who hires many inexperienced advisers hoping to get their network of friends and family even if they eventually fail. Second documentation and follow-up are key to getting less routine or profitable business transacted such as closing accounts, transferring accounts, etc. Also, filing a written complaint with the branch office and FINRA who regulates the industry is guaranteed to get a response and greatly increase your chances of a favorable resolution.

I am having similar problems with Merrill Lynch. My father passed 6 years ago and my brother and I are the beneficiaries. I have sent them death certificates and they are not sending them to the legal department which would allow the account to be put in my name and my brother's. I feel as though there is a breach of fudiciary responsibility on their part or a breach of code of Ethics. I can not find someone that is willing to help me within the organization or even listen and give me a solution or a contact number.. The actual regional office is ignoring my e-mails with my questions. I find them disorganized and negligent. I believe the customer service department is a phantom department that listens and then does nothing to correct or address my concern. There is no action on anyones part. I am at the point that I am going to get a lawyer involved and I would like to report this to a national organization about Merrill Lynch's unprofessional business tactics.

Av been using my facebook account since without any problem but no i tried to login and its saying the phone number is nt match with the password what do i do

I started a 401k with merrill lynch when i worked for walmart,i no longer work for walmart,i have ask merrill lynch to give my my 401k so i can go to be with my mother who has cancer and is in a georgia hospital with pneumonia,merrill lyunch keeps telling me everytime i call,that i have to wait 30days plus 10 more days,merrill lynch said the waiting period is WALMART'S POLICY,..merrill lynch is a SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

same thing is happening to me i was told that they couldnt divide the money in to three equal amounts so they didnt know what to do this company is the worst ive ever had to deal with

My mother passed away this year January 25,2010. She didn't have much a small IRA with Merrill Lynch. My father as the executer of her will and final wishes wanted to have her SMALL IRA split between her children myself, and my sister. We filled out all the paper work back in March of this year everything they needed, and told we would get a check in a few weeks. Two months went by no checks came called them back said they had lost the paper work we needed to file everything again that was in May said we would have a check in a week or so. A few weeks went by we called again we were told because they were taken over by Bank of America things were lost or misplaced and we needed to file everything for a third time and we would have a check in week or so. It is now November and we still have not received a check from Merrill Lynch for something that was started in March. I have never seen such mismanagement, confusion, neglect and the worst customer service out there. As someone in Management with lots of years of customer service experience I would never let this happen from my people and in my opinion the entire legal department fired without a question and I am very serious in persuing just that. No one has been nice to us on the phone very ubrupt and curt like I was wasting there time. Its not the money its the fact that people can be so incompetant is beyond me. I would never invest a dime with this company and they should be ashamed of how bad there customer service is if i could rate it below 1 like -100 i would. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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