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I neglected to mention the location. It is on Thousand Oaks Blvd. in Thousand Oaks, Clifornia. I will be send a formal letter of complaint, bu thought it would be good to have a public post as well.

I think that The Melting Pot is one of the most fun and memorable experiences you can share with friends and family. It gets an A+ in my book!

This is a response to Jessica in the posting for 10/15/10. I'm a server and I was thinking about your post. It looks like you received some sort of employee discount due to your sister working for this restaurant. And it also looks as though you left your server a terrible tip. I tried to follow your logic regarding the discrimination... Do you believe that being the only african americans in the restaurant gives you a free pass to behave like trash? This manager pointed out the fact that his employee treated a fellow coworker in a very rude and disrespectful manner. That, by definition, is not discrimination. It's obviously a wake up call to your sister that her behavior is not acceptable. Hopefully she wont crap on coworkers at her next job and people might actually like her enough to care if she quits or not (even her boss). As a server, if your sister worked at my restaurant and crapped on me with that terrible tip; I would be applauding the fact that she quit the next day when i found out. Kudos to her boss for standing up for her co-worker.

Im a fine dining server myself and i go to the Melting pot one time a year. My girlfriends birthday. Its her favorite and when i go money is not a object but this last experience was terrible. We had reservations for Thursday at 6pm. It started out strong I had a good rapport with my server we traded service industry stories and then after my server dropped off entrees i never saw him again. I sat there staring at empty plates for over 15 mins then another server comes and clears me and the manager brings me a dessert menu. Then another 15 mins go by and then a completely different server takes my order. After another 15 mins I finally go over to the host stand and ask for my check and as i walk back to my table a new server is trying to drop off desserts so i grab the manager and tell him i just want the check. Then low and behold my server comes to drop off my check with the dessert still on the check. The manager then comes over and takes off the dessert. What upsets me the most is there ignorance or inability to recongnize something is wrong or apologize or even ask us for that matter. HOW ABOUT YOU JUST RUINED MY GIRLFRIENDS BIRTHDAY by putting us on the backburner. While leaving with my GF almost in tears i grab the manager and let him know how unprofessional this operation was. He responded by saying " We just got busy". Hello, We live in Orlando, FL of course your gonna get busy, but be able to admit fault and attempt to recover. Im not the perfect server but you know when a table is feeling unhappy or food is taking to long, obviously i expected to much. Its gonna take alot to get me to go back.

I am writing in concern with my visit to melting pot of grand rapids mi. I visited the restaurant with a group of 6 and we had reservations on Monday November 8, our server was Jared. Four of the people in our party including myself where seated as we waited for the other two. I asked to order two cheese fondues as we waited for the rest of our party and our server did not put the order in. When the rest of our party did arrive he asked if we wanted to put in a order even though I had already asked for two appetizers ten minutes earlier. We then had to ask for cocktails when he was taking our salad and entree order, which he did not write down and when he repeated them back to us there were incorrect and we had to repeat our order again. When our cheese fondue came out I asked for tortilla chips with it and Jared told us they were out and had been very busy so they were out of many things. Our salads came out very soggy and warm as if they had been sitting for a while and my husbands salad had different lettuce than everyone else like they had ran out and substituted it. After receiving our entrees we sat for 30 minutes with no one coming to our table to check on us or refill our drinks.  After returning to our table to check on us after more than 30 minutes he presented us our bill and I had to ask to order dessert. He was gone again for over 15 minutes and then brought our bill all on one check and we asked him to split it,  he responded by saying that he could not split it because he did not remember what we all ordered. I told him if I could have a pen I would split it up for him. My husband and I come to melting pot at least four times a year and consider this to be a special night out for us because it is one of our favorite restaurants and it is a little bit more expensive. We brought four new friends that had not been to melting pot before and it was a huge disappointment for all of us and will not be returning again because of this horrible experience.  Sincerely  Amanda

Melting Pot Buffalo Grove, IL is the place to go for a bad day to begin. The host told me i wasnt dreesed correctly for dining there, i didnt realize a polo dress shirt and dress pants were not of dress code. Then he said he wait for a side table to open up, of couse he sat up next to the door going to the kitchen and i should mention we went ther without making a reservation on a sunday night, it was almost empty in the entire place. The waitress was really nice because she told my mother all the items they serve is in the one giant menu, including the chocolate fondue. FAIL, she grabbed the menu to attepmt to prove us wrong and then the couple from the table across from us stopped her and told her that she forgot its on a seperate menu. Wow... If you can go to Chicago Meltinh Pot the people that work ther are super nice and even gave my party some extra plates of free fruits and goods bc it was our first time there.

I had the WORST experience I've ever had in a restaurant last night at The Melting Pot in Kennesaw GA. I was embarassed and humiliated by a manager by the name of John. My sister worked for your company as of yesterday and quit today due to the way we were treated. My sister wanted to take me there to show me how good it was and she loved the elegance of the restaurant. After paying for our meal and leaving the tip, we left and while getting into the car, John (the general manager I believe) came outside and asked which one was the employee...my sister stated she was and John went on to say that his server had to tip out 2.00 of the 4.00 tip we we left so he wanted her to know that she "only" tipped one dollar and some change. He said this while standing by the main entrance and we were at the car so I felt that was embarassing and rude. My sister explained she didn't have anymore cash and he went on to explain that she should have tipped off of the balance before the discount was applied. he then went on to say if she couldn't afford it she shouldn't of come. I felt humiliated and not to mention very very angry. I have worked in retail and corporate America for several years so I kno the most important part of a business is its customers. I can assure you I will NEVER return to the Melting Pot and I will definitely not be suggesting for anyone else to go there either. I feel we were discriminated against as we were the only African Americans in the restaurant at the time and I would love to consult with an attorney concerning this issue. From my understanding, its not against the law to not tip so technically we didn't have to leave anything but the server was great so of course we did not knowing that she got the tip less 2.00. If possible, I would like to be contacted by someone from Corporate Headquarters as well. Thank you . Jessica

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