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Igave you this rating because of the cross city fl store .the owners are very hard to deal with he the man owner runs it like hes still a cop in new york. the mangers arent any better .its a resturant not a police station .an the employees a few of them need to stay out of idle gossip an stop confront customers of thigns that arent true .just because you heard some one say soem thing dont make it true not when you live in ca county that has so many unbelieveable rumors flying around its unreal pt is we went from spending $800.00 a month in the cross city store an the chiefland fl store to maybe 30.00 a month if that dont tell you the kind of people who own an run it i dont no what will.if you ask a manger to have an employee not to talk to you the way they do the manager cops an attitude .pt is we dotn go to the chiefland fl one any more at all.an after yesterday wont be possilby going to the cross city one any more i have friends who are managers in hardees we have potable mifis just like a few we saw had theirs in mcdonalds in chiefland yesterday eating at the loacal taco bell.they had the mifi on an eating they two gaveme an idea to carry one of my 2 with me at all times .pt is mcdonalds has lost us as customers .

I have been working for mc Donald's In Lexington Virginia and never seen a ease in3 years I been here longer then must of the managers and it fill like am been taking advantage of this store am mean come on I bust my but and do everything I can to help my boss out and am even Serv-safe sertivied too. Can u please help me. You can email me back at justins.Windsor@yahoo.com

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