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Interesting idea about the ad, but most of my divorce centils would not want to promote the fact that they got a divorce (although there are a few that might want to run their own ad!). I could imagine it being effective, perhaps in the corporate setting, where it also has a bit of a promotional aspect for the client (i.e. look, I just launched this new business).But, the underlying strategy of using social proof to promote your practice does have application across the board regardless of practice area. I use it in the form of testimonials that go to my prospective centils and in a pamphlet made available in my lobby. I also have some promotional material that talks about the different types of occupations of my former centils, so prospective centils relate to the fact that I've represented others similarly situated (I'm a doctor, and this guy has represented other doctors, etc.)

America. Love it or leave it you torture suptproing, tax-dodging, bailout-cadging freak.And please get real. Sarah Palin, as a contender in 2012? Oh noes, we do not want to enter that briarpatch. Please, anything but Palin...

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