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Fountain pop

I used to love the fountain drinks at the Worland store. They however changed their machine and it seems it cut most of the flavored syrup out of the drinks. Now they taste like carbonated water. I talked to a couple employees but they really don't respond. Too bad. We spent a lot of money there on fuel and drinks weekly. Now I will go down the street to the competitor.

poor treatment

I just left the Lovell, Wyoming store. I have never been treated so harshly in my life. I went in to get my wife a cup a coffee. Got home with nothing more than water. Took it back, showed the man who waited on me. He checked machine, it was empty. I dumped my cup of hot water and refilled my cup with a different brew went to cashier and was CHARGED FOR THE REFILL. I question why and a Scream from the back was emitted, because I had a new cup, which I did not. I explained that I had reused my existing cup. She let me escape, but I never did hear any apology for her rude treatment.


Maverik stores have the worst fountain cokes. Too bad since they have fresh limes. You complain and they don't care or do anything. Why can't their fountain cokes taste like Top Stop. Will not be going to Maverik anymore don't know what is the problem with their fountain cokes.

gas prices in yerington, nevada

Hi, I live in yerington, nevada and have watched maverick gas prices as compared to Reno, Carson city, Fallon, and Dayton valley. Poor Yerington, Nevada prices are always .15 to .25 cents more per gallon than our surrounding towns. Yerington, Nevada has a lot of retired and minimum wage people here. Most people I speak with don't know what the problem is. I do. Therefore until I see for myself that prices are in line with our neighbors I will now shop at the other stations. I do not like being overcharged .....

Traveling too fast

Today, May 14, my husband and I were traveling out of Lewiston, Idaho up the Lewiston Grade in a 45 mph zone when we were passed by one of your tankers going far faster than 45 mph. It was at 9:50 A.M. I think you could probably locate the driver. I think the highway number is 195. I was never able to come close to catching up with the truck. At the top of the hill, the tanker turned toward Spokane, Washington while we continued on toward Moscow, Idaho. There is a 65 mph zone farther up the hill, but not where he was going so fast. I hope you don't condone your truck drivers driving faster than the speed limit. I hope you will find out which driver this was and let them know that what they are doing is both illegal and dangerous. The grade is a 7% grade at that point and he was going far too fast.

custormer service

I have been going to maverik store 295 for over a year now. And every time the employees have been great always smiling one of the employee named Jennifer is a great employee i have seen Jennifer work with other employees and deal with the customers Jennifer always smiles when greeting customers and working with her coworkers Jennifer has always made the time i have spent in store 295 fantastic.if maverik has a employee of the year program i would vote for Jennifer. thanks again for having employees like Jennifer

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When the Maverik in Monticello Utah opened several months ago it was an exciting day for our little community. I had grown up with Maverik in Idaho and it was great to see them put such a nice big store here. With the Maverik our gas prices dropped enormously taking us from one of the highest gas prices in the state and the four corners area to lower than other towns in the area. The store was our main shopping place for gas, fast food, and snacks because the staff was great and everything was always stocked. This went on for several months and I heard that our deli was bringing in the most revenue than most of the other Maverik’s. But due to poor management and lack of supervision there has been a tremendous turn over and the good employees have been slowly leaving. They have been replaced with folks that have no business working in a customer service field. Since Dan (who was a shift manager - I think) and Mrs. Killary (the Manager of the Deli) left the customer service and the shelves being stocked has gone to hell. There are still a couple good employees but it seems like they are facing an uphill battle with poor management and having to work with other employees that are lazy. Several times now including today I stopped in to get lunch only to find the sandwiches limited, the deli with the same couple of Items and not stocked, and the salad display area totally empty. This was at 11:50 am. There have been other times when the sandwiches are empty and the deli as well all around the key times of lunch and dinner. On a couple of occasions I have asked employees for items to see if they have it in the back like French bread and drinks. They have returned with cases and multiple items to restock the shelves. When asked if they were running low or something they replied “no” that they just hadn’t put them out. The thing we are seeing is a once customer friendly well stocked store becoming similar to several of the other places in town with the who gives a crap about customer service attitude. The reason we are seeing this is because the employees they are hiring are the same ones from the other businesses. The good hard working folks in the community can only put up with the poor work condition for so long and quit. On one occasion I purchased a French bread pizza for lunch from the deli only to realize there was no pizza sauce on it Just cheese and meat. When I mentioned it to the clerk with the manager standing there she said is “It must be a new item”. The manager turned and walked away without a word. On another occasion I mentioned to the clerk with the manager next to her that the sandwich display was empty along with the deli and the clerk just said okay or something like that and again the manager walked away into the back. Again this was just before noon when one would assume things would be stocked up for the lunch rush. Anyway, I posted this on here because it doesn’t do any good to mention it to the manager or his staff so hopefully someone at corporate will give a crap. In my opinion they need to fire the store manager and hire Dan back or someone that is a manager and can actually manager people to run the store. It appeared to me that Dan and Killary ran a tight ship when they were there. We have so limited of choices for fast food and things in a small community like ours and it is sad to see such a great asset like the Maverik go to crap leaving our community with just one more non-customer friendly store and the service to prove it. At least we have better gas prices now.

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