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You can get a belt next to nothing at Advance Auto Parts. If know how to realcpe it yourself it won't cost you much but if you have someone do it for you they will charge you a nice heap of money for the labor. Just check on AAP's website. And I don't recommend Autozone either, I had to buy a total of 3 alternators from them for my 79 Ford Ranchero because the other two were defective and they kept giving me crap when I mentioned the warranty. But, I got them back, the moron from their left the brand new battery in my truck when he was helping me so let's just say I forgot it was in there and drove home.

I position mslyef underneath the faucet head of a bathtub and let the water run onto my clit. Then like after about a minute or so of that BOOM you climax. That's like the only way I do it.

Wakling in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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