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Worst Service

Do not use this service, Ever! They claim to treat your lawn but after you pay they do NOTHING! We are completely unsatisfied and would never recommend this company!

Great video.When I cohsoe Select Recipients > Use Existing List and cohsoe this excel file, it always show as if I chose the folder one before. For example, if I cohsoe the file on my desktop, it'll come up with as if I chose desktop as the list, not the file on my desktop. Any thought? Thank you

I purchased a 6 inch desk fan a couple of years ago, and even though it isn't made in the USA, it has survived numerous falls and bounces off of my marble bathroom floor. There has been only one crack in the plastic and it still works as well as when I first purchased it. [I'm very pleased and surprised] Thanks!

I said that i want you to send me all the enquiries that i will use to open an a face book on my phone pls i beg of u operator.

Pls i can see any message yet.i need the reply right away.

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