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I have loved all the products from MK except the timewise repair (night/day) It made my skin burn and I kept useing it for months, but it never got any better. I thought I would get a refund satisfaction garenteed . But it wasn't. So watch out for sellers that don't refund.


product was ordered online on 6/11/13, as of the 28th of june I have emailed her twice called her once and she never responded to any of my messages. The balance due was deducted from my checking account on 6/20/13. I called the corp office spoke with customer services, very little help. there going to try and contact Rep. In 5 days if I don't hear from her I am to call them back. back in my ballpark. I have to follow up again if I don't any thing. I have been a mary kay user for years. But, have decided to spend the extra money and go to belk aor dillarda and buy clinique.

Hideous Corporate Office

I used to work for a vendor who did business with Mary Kay- their consultants were a great group of ladies but their Corporate Headquarters is rude, unprofessional, pretentious and crooked. They would call at the last minute- demand over the top service, causing all kinds of overtime cuasing our employees to work holidays , weekends and overnights and then not pay their bills. High level executives and their assistants would not talk to mere employees, - only other high level execs. I would not purchase a Mary Kay product now if they were the last company left on earth.

Do not purchase any MK product through Holly Martin, she does not check up on her orders, and is unprofessional. Its been a month and I still don't have the merchandise I ordered!

poor business

business practice in Ny is very poor and corp office dont get there paper work done either.. I have been waiting for refund for 4 month now i have been getting the run a round.. have to look in to it .. call sale person have to call corp office .. Poor business ...

TOTALLY AWE INSPIRING WHAT GOD CAN DO !!!!!!!!!! SO Happy that Abby will be at home tonight. PRAISE THE LORD..... Abby we are so happy for you. We are glad you are home and we Pray that your pain stays under cntrool. We Pray that you will have an increase in energy. We Pray that this will be a great weekend for you and your Family. Hope you and Sammie had a nice tea party? You both are so beautiful. Abby we loved that pink feathered ? stole ? around your neck (can't remember what it's called). Pink looks great on you............ We will continue to keep you in our Prayers Honey. Stay strong! Hugs and Kisses from us to you, all of you!Love and Prayers,Joyce and Nick

Mary Kay and their consultant Tomeaka Nesbitt - Ridgeville SC is a scammer, she takes your orders online then processes the payment and does not send you your merchandise. I have contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges and I am in the process of reporting Mary Kay and her representative to the BBB. I noticed today that her website is not longer up...mmmm doesn't that raise a little suspicion. Never again!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!

I have been in Mary Kay as a "second timer" for a little over a year now. I love everything about Mary Kay from the wonderful products she designed for us to the friendships I have made as a Beauty Consultant. I love the fact that when life got in my way, I could put my business on hold and pick it up again when I moved those items out of my way. Mary Kay gives us that opportunity, our second chance to make a difference. If Mary Kay Ash were alive today, she would tell each of us to follow our dreams. To never give up on ourselves and never, ever dissapoint a client. Follow through is what seperates us from the counter sales, personal touch and dependability is what makes your experience with your Mary Kay Consultant special and the love of our company is what make us successful. Mary Kay Consultants are different from any other consultants out there. We truly strive to enrich the lives of women all over the world and take pride in knowing the we can put God first, family second and our business third. Mary Kay wanted us to be successful that is why she set ground rules and procedures in place for us, Directors and Nationals that can lead us, and a Corporate Office that can assist us. I love this company and thank Mary Kay Ash for this wonderful opportunity!!

I am a previous Mary Kay lady. It is a scam and it is a pyramid/ponzi scheme. FYI I made a little money, but only ever received 1 commission check due to my director "forgetting" to submit my commissions. I even won a trip (2 nights in Florida and 2 nights in Daytona) but I wasn't allowed to go on it because I am divorced (married people only) and I do not make 50k a year. I even sent an email to my former director stating this and she will not answer me back. Mary Kay the company may have started with a great idea and honest intentions, but it is not that way anymore. People (sales and national directors) are as crooked as 3 dollar bills and if you are considering this as an easy source of income, run fast and far the opposite direction. Here is a copy of the email I sent my director which received no response. Connie, Remember that trip I "won" from you on a sales campaign we had last June? Well, I tried to go ahead and use it recently and found out a couple of interesting facts. First off, you are required to be married. As of Oct. 20, 2011 I am divorced. Marilynn also won that same trip and she has never been married. (I visited the website: www.bookmyfloridatrip.com last week to actually book the trip for next month and under the terms and conditions part of it (which i read) it stated You must be married, be between the ages of 25-68, have a valid credit (not debit) card and have an annual household income of $50,000 or more. If these conditions were not met and cannot be proven to the company doing the timeshare presentations, then you are not eligible for the trip. I am not married. I did not make 50k last year (although this year I should go over that amount) So the only part I am ok on is that I am still under 68 and over 25. I am pretty upset about it all as i had worked hard and saved back some spending money so that my daughter and i could go on this trip next month. Guess I will have to work a little harder and save a little more to actually pay for everything. All in all, I am pretty frustrated by all things Mary Kay. In June it will be one year since I placed an order. I currently work in sales for a large company. I am very successful at it and I like it. Through my experiences at Mary Kay, i learned that in order for a new rep to be successful (s)he needs to have a positive line of communication open with all levels of management directly involved with that rep. (S)he needs to be able to rely upon and utilize the support system in the managerial structure. At any given time the rep needs to know that the answers (s)he seeks are truthful, honest and that a senior member of management will uphold the answers that they give the rep are filled with decency, integrity and respectfulness. Managers need to be aware of problems their reps face and handle those problems in a timely fashion if need be. As a rep with Mary Kay, I know I wasn't given much in the way of support, positive communication, honesty or integrity from upper management As a Sales/Training Rep for a large communications company, I do my utmost to train, keep all lines of communication open 24/7 answer all questions in a timely fashion and with integrity and honesty. I treat those under me, the way I want to be treated by my managers. If that means I go the extra mile or a thousand miles more, that is what I do to keep good people on my team and great customers for the company. As a result of the trip I won that I cannot use, as well as lack of communication and support from supervisors aka directors at Mary Kay, I formerly request that my name be removed from all future email communication as well as Ariana Snodgrass' name (my daughter that was to go on trip with me and a former Mary Kay lady). Please also remove my name as a Mary Kay lady/sales rep from your team. Consider this my formal written resignation from Mary Kay Thank you Lisa

Jinni Dempsey, a consultant in the Birmingham market is one of the most unprofessional tepresentatives I have ever talked with at Mary Kay. Her sales tactics are deceptive, dishonest and after sharing with many people how I was treated they all agreed with me. In addition to her manipulative sales methods, she harassed me with emails, phone calls and then had the gall to snd me a final email stating she would immediately delete any future correspondence frome! Real classy! She needs to be counseled in how to treat people and how to conduct a proper business!

Mary Kay is a graet company to work for, I enjoy my independence as being a Beauty Consultant, and hope to do well in this Business, Sincerely, Cordelia M. Hardin.

My daughter, Angelina Adams, purchased about $50 worth of various Mary Kay cosmetics from her friend for my birthday, Sept. 2009. There were 2 liquid make ups, and 2 lip colors, and everything wrong color. We let ms. Mary Scherra know this immediately and she said she'd let us pick new colors and would replace. She planned to have a baby shower a couple months from then and said just bring it to her then and we could pick the colors. The shower ended and when I asked if she had a minute to let me look at a color chart she said it would have to be done another time... so now we have NOTHING. She had her baby around in FEBRUARY 2010... i EVEN WENT BY THE HOSPITAL TO SEE HER! wE'VER HEARD NOTHING ABOUT THE REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS. My daughter has contacted her two times and has visited - still NOTHING. I want my products replaced. wHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP. mARY LIVES ON lAUREL St. Richmond (Chesterfield), VA.

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