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I went in to Mail Center and More at 7211 Haven Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I paid to have a package mailed within the state which I knew would make it in the three days needed. On the second day, I received the package back in my mail box stating not enough postage. I immediately went to the postal store and told them that I now needed it overnighted due to their error. They refused to do anything. They said I just need to pay the $2.69 postage due. Since I had to get it to the person the next day I had no choice but to pay for overnight shipping. So I paid $23.00 for this service. Then I asked if they were at least going to pay me back the $4.50 for the original mailing. They said NO. So it cost me almost $28.00 for something that should have cost $10.00 if they would have charged it correct the first time. These postal places already overcharge postage to make their profit. I get that and that is fine. But to not stand behind their service and pay for an error that they made is unacceptable. I would not recommend anyone to ever use this facility as they are strictly out for the money and not customer service.

I wanted to commend one of your UPS locations in Henderson NV. The location is owned by Jerry and Linda Cornell. The service I received was excellent. I had approx. 12 box's to ship to my new home in VA. Linda's customer service was over and beyond. Her friendliness and knowledge was wonderful, and refreshing in this busy world we live in. I am also in the service industry, and realize there are many choices for consumers. Customer service is what can set a company apart from the rest. Good customer service is a lost art, be proud who have someone like Linda representing your company.

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