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Canton CT..... the worst location EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

The Columbia Maryland location is the worst ever . I would never use their services again.

Within the past few months, Maidpro has broken 2 picture frames, an expensive vase, and has also canceled or rescheduled numerous times.

Horrible management to work for

When apon being hired I was training with three girls who not one of them had auto insurance and I was forced to drive everyday. My entire gas check was taxed 100%. Some of the girls would use the customers cleaning supplies with out their approval. Also would use their charging devices for their phones. I addressed my concerns with my boss and he didnt act on them. He threatened to dock my pay for breaking a glass accidently, But I thought he couldnt do that cause of the need for insurance. And then refused to pay me on pay day, When I called to ask questions on why I didnt recieve my pay check he began screaming in my ear. This coming from a manager of the company. Just a poor place to work for.

I am a relative of someone that works in your Milford K-Mart store and they have a HUGE problem there. They have no A/C in the building at all. The workers are getting sick from the heat. The ones that work in receiving are moving boxes and the ones working the floor are helping customers and cleaning. A customer was concerned about one of your employees because they looked like they were going to pass out. This is a huge health hazard especially if you have a customer come in that has a breathing problem. I hope that this problem is resolved soon. Signed a concerned relative and customer

I purchased a $100.00 gift certificate on 4/26/2011 from MaidPro the gift certificate#100945, the gift certificate was originally purchased by me for my mother’s home located in Pensacola, Florida. It was not until after I had purchased the gift certificate did I realize that your services are not offered in that area. I attempted to get my money refunded but was told that there is no refund on gift certificates so due to me being the purchaser I plan to use the gift certicate myself since I am located in one of the service areas for your business. I have the actual certificate and can provide proof of payment. I am very upset with the local office’s service, I spoke to a person name Carol located at 678-242-0040, the owner’s name is Beatrice Carlson. Carol kept insinuating that she was not sure if my gift card would be honored she also kept stating that the gift card was not issued out of their office and she was not sure if her owner would honor the gift card. This is robbery, 1st I was told that there are no services in the area I purchased for, now I am being told that due to the gift certificate#100945 not showing as submitted from their local office she is not sure if it would be honored. I am also reporting this incident to the small business bureau due to their tactics. I am requesting either a full refund or for the local office to honor my $100.00 gift certificate. I checked the site and there is no place on the site indicating that once a gift certificate is purchased that I would have these problems. I am scheduled for a carpet cleaning for next Friday 12/23/2011 but the rep (Carol) hung up on me so I am not sure what to expect, whether this agency will show or not. I will not lose my money and will escalate to higher authority if needed. Per prior info I have up to 1 year to use the gift certificate. Tamara S. Click

I hired Maid Pro to clean our home every other week. We have not been excited about the 49 point cleanings we have received. We finally got Stephanie as our cleaning lady and she did the best job of all the others. We were informed by the assistant manager and her helper that Stephanie was no longer with the company, I was sad to hear that news.The assistant manager and her helper pretended to clean our home on Friday, August 12,2011 but there were numerous things on the 49 point list that did not get done. A big deal was made about the "Assistant Manager"cleaning our home, I for one was not impressed. I have called the office 3 times and have not received a response. This will be the last time I will use Maid Pro and I will not recommend them to family or friends.

I called the office to 15 minutes prior to my scheduled time and the secretary, MICHELLE, stated that she was going to call me to let me know that they were going to be 30 minutes late. At that time I was furious because I had already left work early to make this appointment and she waited 15 minutes prior to tell me this after I contacted her. In addition to that, I called the office at 4:52 when no one showed up and I was so shocked at how RUDE the manage (or whatever he is) BRIAN spoke to me. I told him I wanted my service cancelled then he HUNG UP on me. I called back to verify that he indeed meant to hang up and his response was "There was nothing else to say". No sorry or Ma'am we apologize...nothing....Its like it was my fault that they were late. Unbelievable!!!! Now as a Executive Professional in Corporate America I was very disappointed in the way BRIAN handled this matter. As a manager he should of set the example for his franchise but instead he chose the typical way out. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

My daughter ordered her appartment cleaned on July 31. All of the furniture had been removed as they were moving out. They also paid an extra $30 dollars for the stove to be cleaned. The landlord was horrified because he didn't think the appartment was cleaned at all. A "team" was supposed to show up and only one person was there to clean. My daughter took pictures after the appartment was "cleaned" to show how abominable the job was. The land lord had to hire someone else to clean the appartment before new tenants moved in. Both my daughter and I called Eric the local dealer. He was repectful but stated that company policy was to "rectify the problem" and not give refunds. This is and was not possible because new tennants moved in and keys were given back. Eric offered to give a $120 dollar discount, which I felt totally unacceptable. The land lord will be calling Eric today to confirm the assessment of the "job" that was NOT done. I am disputing this charge and have been in contact with my credit card company.

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