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i agree with adam and the sentence for Gallows.however, i have to ojcbet to this set of reviews since i did not get any credit for introducing you to The Bad Plus in your Prog review dude i rarely introduce people to anything and i almost never get to introduce people to musci since adam introduces me to so much shit and we know all the same people he always gets there first throw a girl a bone man

I have been watching SYTYCD since it sreattd and just LOVE it! From the try-outs to the finale its just wonderful routines, great talent and so very enjoyable to watch. I especially enjoyed this season's pairing the new contestants with the all stars (Twitch has always been my favorite) thus I believe inspiring the newcomers to dancers who KNOW what they are going through, and elevating each performance to a new high.This season, (as all the seasons past) has been so great to watch. One of my favorite shows, and I am 53! Just incredible talent, amazing choreography and whomever choses the music has an incredible knowledge and talent of their own. A much loved show all around. My only wish was that Alex had been able to complete the season as I feel he would have definitely been standing up there next to Lauren (as much as I appreciated Kent who is simply amazing)Thank you to everyone who put their all into making an awe-inspiring series.

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