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their site is well laid out, shame no one at kiwibank utsielis it. I currently have an issue with them, something I will not go into here as its now quite long winded, but their credit card dept will not reply to me, so I raised a complaint last week, they promise to reply in 2 business days, 7 business days later and I still have not had a reply. I've again complained this morning stating failure to reply today will mean I raise this with Banking Ombudsman. Up to now I've not had any issues with them, but now I actually require some customer service, it is quite apparent they don't have any.I'm now looking for a better bank, alas I'm not sure NZ has one.

How do I contact the MTD manufacturers head office. I would like an email address as I live in South Africa and need some advice on how to dismantle the unit. Thank you Ken Gaze Email: gaze@mweb .co.za

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