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If you need a caring ear, appeal to a dung beatle. You will be received better than you would in this bank.

My mortgage loan was bought by M&T bank from Bank of America and I have been working with M&T bank since 2012 to get it modified or get approval for a work out plan. It has been the most terrible experience I have ever had. They continuously loose my documents. my representative keeps changing and files dont get transferred. I am still in the process and it is 2014. They are not in the business of helping their customers, or helping saving their homes. The communication is poor. The customer service reps dont know what is being asked by the underwriter. It is the most laborious and tedious process I have ever experience.

Lousy Bank Steer Clear

When this bank bought out our local bank, there was some apprehension. Well, still corporation charged me in excess of $500.00 due to a glitch with my automatic deposit. Immediately, when realizing it I went into the local branch, explained the situation and was assured they would work with me. I immediately made a deposit and made a deposit the following day to try to rectify the mistake. Well even though I was assured ot their cooperation $500.plus poorer I am closing this account. They should be ashamed of themselves......but they are not.

Terrible banking!

Want a bad bank that gyps their customers, join M&T. Want a bad bank that don't care about their customers, join M&T. Want a bad bank that overcharge their customers, join M&T. " Hello, welcome to M&T Bank, we hope you overdraft, so we can make our money.

Accounts payable

I have not been paid for appraisal services from October of 2013.

Horrible Bank

I have been banking with M and T in Maryland for several years, the tellers are rude and unprofessional and the customer service really stinks. If you have an account issue, don't expect anyone in the branch to to competent. I think I will try a Credit Union, I can no longer do business with M an T, I really cannot do it!!

Keep loosing money

I have been banking with M & T since they were Provident bank in Maryland. When they bought Provident you would think you would get quality banking but it has gone to the dogs. They have taken away services. Charging you double for some simple services. Then the ultimate bad service from a bank is they keep loosing your money. Because all branches are not following the same procedure. Then when you complain they give you the run around or like one branch try to kick me out. They are making the mistakes but I get penalized for it. This hank is not customer friendly.

This mortgage loan officer is HORRIBLE

I have bought and sold homes for 30 years and have NEVER experience such HORRIBLE customer service in my life! Scott K. of the Bemus Point branch never returns calls, claims a loan app will take 7-10 days when we are at the 2 month mark and STILL can't get him to return calls. This man is a liar! DO NOT DEAL WITH THEIR SUBSTANDARD baloney!

Just Not Fair

Amazon lost a lawsuit a few years ago for charging Puerto Rico with International shipping..Puerto Rico is a common wealth of the USA. M&T bank has been charging me International fees of 13.50 for the last 2 years and 5 months . I first called my Local branch when I was first charged this fee and was told there was nothing they could do. A few days ago I was calling the number behind the banking Card for another reason and ask them about the fees and was told I was right and just refunded me 1 month and was told they had to send the request higher up in the chain..I have called over threee times and no one has an answer for me . It Is so funny how fast they will hit you for insuffienct funds but wont pay you back fees that should have never been charged in the first place which total up to 392.00 bucks


I am confused as to how an institution that manages billions of dollars can survive through such profound incompetence and ineptitude. I spent more than 300 minutes trying to get answers to questions regarding my account. The person in charge of documents said she was going to return my call 3x s but never did. After not returning my call,each time I would call back to speak with her there was a reason: out of office, will return call in an hour, will return call following day and on and on. If you are viewing these reviews, it would be to your own self interest to take your account elsewhere, I thought that my experience was unique until I read the reviews.

Bank Personnel and Bank Stink

This bank has no idea what or how to treat people and they are professional liars and frauds!! I recommend that no one use this terrible bank!!

Poor Service And Lack Of Interest

This bank does not treat customers like they want them to stay with the bank. They offer no services to customers and they should be out of business for the rude way they treat people.

Worst bank

I am looking for new bank for my mortgage. constant billing errors, harassing phone call multiple times a day and up to daily. If I dont pay my bill by the first I get a call on the 2nd demanding payment, ridiculous!

Service sucks

I don't know or care if anyone from this crappy bank cares, but I can tell you their Web Banking has been out of business for the past 4 days. If my company had an outage this long people would have been fired. All you get from them is a message that we are working on the problem... I have no checks to make out for my bills, so I am completely dependent on the Web Banking. Hire someone who knows what the hell they are doing!

Complaints -

Are you having 'service' difficulties or continual delays with your M&T mortgage loan modification or HAMP mortgage modification thru M&T or Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC? Then contact your Congressman via his/her district office.

M&T banks is so so terrible dont care about their customers

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M&T Bank is my mortgage servicer. I have been trying to get a loan modification and it is like pulling teeth. They don't respond to any emails or voicemail messages and they are unprofessional. They have the worst mortgage department ever and I have submitted complaints to several Fed. Gov't agencies for assistance.

I wish I could put no stars because that is what you deserve. The peoples horror stories that I have read sound eerily familiar. Being a customer at M&T for over 5 years almost put me into financial ruin and has caused much stress on my marriage. My husband thought the banking errors were my fault. When I told him about what the bank was doing, he found it hard to believe. We would direct deposit his paychecks bi weekly to find anywhere from $300-$600 had been missing for overdrafts and bank fees. The overdrafts were never over $10 purchases! We also had a business account with them. They had the audacity to move my money from one account to the other without authorization. When I called the bank to ask them if this was a legal procedure, they told me that it was, as long as the accounts were held at the same bank. They removed money from are personal account to our business account, not to cover a check, but to pay for some outrageous business fee they claimed we owed! By doing so they caused my personal account to overdraw itself, which made my mortgage check bounce and then caused a snowball effect. Then this atrocity of a bank had the nerve to charge me fees for the returned checks! This pushed me over the edge and as a result caused me to close both accounts. I will never bank with them, or ever recommend anyone else to either. Obviously, (as you can see by the previous posts) they have a record of screwing over their clientel. They take from the hardworking people of the community, and basically rob them.....leaving most people financially destitute! My experience happened two years ago. Shockingly, I recieved a letter from them the other day stating that they had reviewed my previous account and they admitted to owing me a refund for fees incurred during a three month period. I know M&T did not do this out of the kindness of their heart! Has anyone else out there recieved this letter? And what made them send this? A class action lawsuit? A government audit? Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as it's a minute fraction of what was actually taken from me over the five years I was a loyal customer....

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