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My son turned 21 on 9/23/14. He went to the MGM liquor store in Spring Park, MN...which turns out is a FRANCHISED store. He presented his driver's license that is obviously a government issued ID. The ID is clipped in the corner due to he has a new license on the way and he also had the yellow paperwork to accompany. It is ALL legal and yet he was turned down and told to leave the store. I now know a few people who will NEVER give this store any business. Their practices and policies are unfair and do not seem legal!! If a cop can pull you over and this is a legal document with accompanying papers...why would he not be able to buy liquor? That was total BS and I will never shop there again!!

Every time I go to an MGM they are out of what I want, especially if its a sale item. The inventory is always minimal with bare shelves everwhere. Prices are higher than anywhere else I've shopped. Best to shop elsewhere.

I called the corporate office number during regular business hours and it would not let me leave a message - the voice just kept telling me to hit "1" - but it would not let me. I am trying to contact someone just as an FYI. I was just at your store number 3 and had a nice time at the store and the checkout person was also nice, but then I got home and reached in from my passenger side door to lift out the bag with two bottles of alcohol one fell through the bottom and crashed onto my garage floor. I would normally just suck it up - but this was a 40 dollar bottle of St. Germain. I called the store and they just blew me off. Is there any way to get another bottle - I took a few pictures and I still have not removed the other bottle out of the bag. This is for a gift and now there is no gift. Any options? Jackie jackiehoff@gmail.com

Just shopped at the Stillwater MGM. I wanted to buy a case of Miller Lite bottles. They had cans but no bottles, at least not visable. Their prices were about $2.00 per case higher than Wal Mart, Sams Club or Morelli's. Their shelves looked like the store was going out of business. Mostly bare. Will never shop there again.

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