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lowes has gotten so much worse is tht last 4 years, they have fired most of the ft employees. Will only give pt about 20 hours, so neither group can afford to shop at the place where they work. They are firing people for petty things. They allow managers to harass and try to fight employees, use hidden devices to record converastions. In a few years i think they will be out of business. Stores are going downhill.

I live in a very small and the only food store is Lowe's. To get to a good store like HEB or Sams I have to drive 70 miles. This store in Menard, Texas has the most unfriendly cashiers and Manager that I have ever seen. I want to be greeted when I walk to the register with a hello or anything. These people could care less about their customers. I was in the retail business in management for years before retiring. I know how these postings go and corporate offices never acknowledge or even reads these, but it would be in your best interest to listen to your customers. I also don't like the fact that I am forced to buy Surefine products only with no other to choose from. This store is like a grocery in the 60's and 70's with all the old products and none of the newer products that come out. I have asked the Manager on numerous occasions to order things that not only I would buy but I know others would also. If you don't care enough about your customers to find out what you need to do to please them, then you need to find another business because this one is not your cup of tea. Your merchandising is also a disaster. When you want a certain kind of ice cream, for example, you have to move to the side or front or remove what you don't want to get to what you do want. The motto in retail is "FRONT AND FACE LIKE ITEMS". Well, good luck at this store. It's no wonder the people of this town go elsewhere to shop. OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE

I work at Lowe's Food in Asheboro N,C I do not care much for the management, I wonder how many people have been hire though the years who no longer shop at this store because of management. Since I have been at this store their have been people hired, and they quit or they get fired. They show favor to some and really treat some bad. Every time a manager treats me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable I do not want to shop at that store and I am sure that is not what Lowe's food is about or I hope not. I do like Lowe's food but it could use better management and fairer.

I am writing in reference to Lowes Foods on Guildord College Road. When it first opened, I chose this store for weekly shopping. To date, I am dissapointed and disgusted in my findings. A. The produce, ie, onions example though seem to be "fresh" are brown and mushy inside when cutting through. B. Their bakery products ie. bran muffins, and other Lowes bakery products are stale. I recently purchased bran muffins and they were dry, crumbly and obviously sitting on the shelf for some time. C. I notice that items that remain on the shelf after expiration date. Too bad Lowes, you now lost a good customer. Harris Teeter is now my store of choice.

Alexandra, Sandy, whatever the hell your name is: you are like, clearly mentally unstable if you think any of what you've written makes sense, or from what sense I can make of it, makes a legitimate complaint. You've provided quite a laugh to anyone who searches your name and reads the ridiculous things you post.

For over a year, the Gastonia store has lowered its standards. The store is dirty; meat dept, floors, and produce. I have complained about this to the managers and no changes have been made. I heard from employees that the store's manager has cut most full-time jobs and sends people home instead of cleaning the store. The word on the street is Lowes has become another Foodlion. If I go there at all it will be for one must have item on the way home. All of my grocery shopping is now done at Harris Teeter. Others are changing as well. I have a significant friend network and they all are disappointed in your store. We fell like we are being taken for granted. We have other choices and are utilizing them. I will consider given your store another chance when significant changes are made; management would be a good start. Saving pennies is costing you dollars.

Hello. I was discriminated by a Lowes Food Manager, Carl on Saturday September 3, 2010.I paid my rent for September and I was seeking employment. CArl, did mostly inform me that he would hire me on the previous Wednesday August, 28,2010. I asked him if he was the manager in the Lowes Food parking Lot. He said he was. He took my name and phone number and said he would try to hire me next week. I did disclose to him that I was a great person to hire and a good person. He said for me to be at the interview on SAturday. I did go and informed him politely of all that he asked me at the interview. He the became pejudice and said "I have other people to interview" I told him,while standing up; I rent and have bills to pay, you must tell me as soon as possible. He the got ignorant about it and said, "maybe Tuesday, maybe the following MOnday." He did not thank me for the interview I paid for in rent at $500.00, Gasoline, insurances not to mention the nearly $3,000.00 I spent on food at Lowes Food in 2008-2009 of November. I was based to my home by Lowes Food customers, over anything I did in my apartment as Christian, mindful or considerate of my life or country. It was the drunks, druggies and customers and employees as students of UNCW and Lowes Food to my knowledge.I was made to feel very uncomfortable the entire 2 1/2 years in Wilmington NC no past about it but Jesus Christ not owing me any forgiveness for what I eat and worship him about with the ship of fools that the people in this town expect others to feel and eat like while their attitudes held me back. I am owed a refund for my food from Lowes Food which was turned sour and forced down my throat from evil games to my residence of 2233 C and 2237 J which did cost me 35,000.00 in bills of food, rent, gasoline and insurances. I was ridiculed by the campus and blamed for what I have nothing to do with(not Lowes Foods fault) which is why I trusted Lowes for its reasons and shopped there while working for Kohl's Department store. The worse did happen but I as a good Christian person did my best to relate in a gay,mean, dirty, theft world in terorism. The good was taken in but the bad came out. I am not bad and should have been hired. REally the manager did ask me to be good over bad people in my opinion. It cost me 2 weeks of the rent and I was not happy. A week could equal with my hard working skills the next 4 months with part time income 6,000.00 the Least.I am owed in damages for this at this amount. I was also slighted the same way by Food Lion at two stores. How I look is with my property. How I see others is with Gods. The people were very trespassing to my feelings at Kohls and threatened many times with no respect as if they ate the whole world and everyone else could dig their graves to know it. Their rudeness at KOhls I did not blame on Lowes Food S. College. but their were some mouths snappin at Clear Run, BP and elsewhere that I could not catch my own crap from to be burdened to death to drive down the road. The problem did now drive me out of a job and back into Lowes Food, I had no contact with except to shop. I would have truly left your store out of it had people left me out of it as innocent person, working an living in the city of Wilmington. Lowes food must understand I have paid for your interests against my life. If the interests of others are not for my life then I ate my dead you know what after paying for food. I have done nothing wrong to any one. Including UNCW. The individuals behind the backlashing and using management (not the food as future bills) did commit crimes against my nature. Please send me the check in the amount of $3,000.00 in damages to : 2237 J Wrightsville AVe. Wilmington NC 28403. If I am not reimbursed for LOwes Food now interferring with my rent money as stated due in 2 weeks then I will opt to file suit. People will be cross examined and prosecuted to the fullest with my rights as how I did obey the law and look awfully bad to everyones wrongs to your company in Wilmington NC. First choice Last choice is what Gods blessing is about to food on the table. If you ask me Lowes Food took too long to decide to throw my life away. Sincerely, Alexandra Jeffries

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