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set leather couchs

living spaces bad place to buy furniture plus vip protection is another one sucks I have I big issue my furniture. they stoll my money no one wants to take time the take care it.


I called today cancel an order more than 24 hours from delivery and I got charged restocking fee, never buy from them they are horrible.

The worst experience buying a bed ever. They forgot a part and have sent out 5 different rescue drivers who bring the wrong parts, no one is in charge and no one cares

customer service

Worse customer service I have ever experienced. You can not talk to a supervisor - promises of a call back are just lies. It seems that no one is working at corporate office as all you can get is voice mail. No one ever calls back.

Horrible Crooks!!!

I will never make another online purchase they took $900.00 from me and then because of my married name isn't on my card the canceled the order..But still kept my money!! They are crooks. Now I have to file a claim through my bank in order for my money to be returned.

Living Spaces are crooks

after Canceling my order in less then 24 hours they stole 600$ away my refund. I will never recommend nor buy something from this crooks.

Bad service don't get warranty

Living spaces products suck! Really bad customer service , you purchase warranty and receive nothing in return .

store has no service what so ever , no store manger or supervisor will call back , take your money and then don't take care of you !!!sold us a warranty any then the warranty co. puts you on hold for 45 min to an hour and still no help

This store has NO customer service. DONT buy from living spaces

LIARS! Awful Customer service

This company lies and is full of incompetent staff and works with horrible unreliable vendors. I have never down business with a company. You cant even get a hold of a supervisor or manager when you call. They say they will call you back and don't. They have no idea where there goods are and tell you a different date each time.


Your commercials are so loud I hit the mute button. I will be putting in a complaint to the FCC every time it comes on now. TAKE NOTE: Q: Does the FCC currently regulate loud commercials? A: Yes. The Commission adopted rules on December 13, 2011 that require commercials to have the same average volume as the programs they accompany. The rules became effective on December 13, 2012, one year after the date of their adoption. Broadcast television stations and pay TV providers were given until this date to be in full compliance.

TV commercials

Your TV commercials are so loud that I immediately turn them off when they start. They startle my cat and my guests when they are visiting. I'm sure that isn't the reaction you are going for in advertising. Please be aware of this and make necessary changes. Thank you.

New Bed for my son

We purchased a Bed for my son 10 months ago from your company in Panorama City. After 3 weeks the frame of the middle of the bed got broken. We called the customer service and it got fixed and we paid for it. Again last month, we had a same experience and the middle of the bed got broken. We are very unhappy about our purchase. The Living Space keep promising us about 2-6 weeks delivery of the parts and my son sleeps on the floor. worse service

Bad Service

For weeks I have been trying. To replace. The legs on the couch I bought 7/12/14. Todate,8/25, after 8 phone calls, I get nothing but a runaround. I will never buy from. You again!

Living spaces Monrovia

I bought a chair for my in-laws. Living Spaces delivered the wrong chair. I called the Monrovia store to only be told I would get someone to come out in 4 days to take a picture of the chair! I was told they would call my in-laws tthe day before to confirm a time, but they did not call. They came up bright and early at 8:00 AM. Took a photo and I heard nothing else from them. I have called the store 2 more times just to speak to a manager, this is6 days later and a manager won't call me. At this point I just want my money back and will shop somewhere else that will deliver what I bought. I have NEVER. Even treated so badly as a customer and received such poor service. Never did I get a simple apology for delivering the wrong chair!

Scottsdale location. The worst buying experience I have ever had. I decided to exit the store and not buy anything. Not only was the service awful, it was horrible as well. If I had the option, it would be less than 1 star.

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