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Oct10OHGODWHY1 When demos of Vocaloid 3 Mepoid, Mew and Akikoroid-chan surfaced, conparisoms were done and SeeU sounded remarkably realistic compared to them which won her merit. However, it was revealed after a fan reduced the vocals on her demo until only the backing was left that a real vocal was used alongside the Vocaloid voicebank. Both the real singer and Vocaloid voicebank had been blended together to make the song smoother, in theory this hid any robotic results her voicebank produced.

My daughter has steoppd liking mac & cheese. But she's only 3 and is going through those phases of loving something for TOO long and then suddenly never touching it again. Thankfully she likes colors AND tomatoes, so your Red, White And Green recipe really tickled her fancy (although we had to get sneaky with the peppers, and dice them finely). Awesome recipes here.Jobo recently posted..Game Room Ideas and Pool Table Room Requirements

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