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If it's like the '06 its in either 2H, 4H, N or 4L. Those are the ptsooiins on the shifter (it isn't a throttle) for the transfer case. According to my owners manual the Part time indicator illuminates when in 4H. The 4LO MODE indicator light illuminates when the transfer case is shifted to 4L. It also cautions not to attempt to make a shift when the front or rear wheels are spinning. The transfer case is not equipped with a synchronizer and therefore the front and rear driveshafts must be equal for the shift to take place . The manual also states under the explanations for 4H 4L that each locks the front and rear drive shafts together so I think that Part Time designator is maybe a bit of a mis-nomer. The Grand Cherokee has a different setup which does, I believe have a part time setup. Maybe they just used the same instrument panel and activated those lights because they were there. From personal experience if you want to shift the transfer case while sitting still make darned sure you have the transmission in Neutral. Try it in Park and (if you pull hard enough) you'll wind up needing a new transfer case shifter as it will break a nylon piece attaching the cable. The cable isn't sold separately and the entire shift unit has to be replaced at around $350. Luckily I did it while it was still under warranty.

I have retired twice, now, from tenhaicg. At age 65, I retired from full-time tenhaicg at a communiity college and moved the the Sierra foothills. A year later, I was tenhaicg part time at my local college. Two years later, after my granddaughter was born and the budget was slashed simultaneously, I retired again. Evidently, though, my work isn't finished, and I'm not free to quit. I've long been intrigued by a one-room school,down from two rooms due to layoffs, near my home, and now I'm volunteering there three days a week. In past years, depending on enrollment, there have been one or two teachers. Due to declining enrollment, the superintendent/princpal is also the only teacher, necessitating his reliance on a few paid staff and volunteers. Twenty-two students, from kindergarten through eighth grade are enrolled in the school which is a combination charter school, Montessori, or learning center depending on what's happening.. I'm working with the kindergarten-first grade group. We're focusing on managing little bodies along with early reading and math. I'm learning how much I don't know about tenhaicg and early learning. I'm also learning how much teachers of young children have to know about tenhaicg and child development. I didn't enjoy the first week much the second week a little more but now I'm having fun. I'm energized by the students and glad to be learning again at my advanced age.

This has made my day. I wish all posntigs were this good.

IMHO you've got the right anwesr!

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